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Rick and Mortians of Vingle, I have come to you today to announce the official name of the Funny Community's Rick & Morty fan club. The results were EXTREMELY CLOSE, with only one vote dividing the two, so good job to both of our club name creators.
But, without further ado, the official name of the fan club is...
From this day forward, we shall be known as the Interdimensional Council of Fans (or, for those of you who love your acronyms, the ICF).
Congratulations, @InVinsybll, the Rick & Morty Vingler that submitted the winning name! Let's all give him high fives because schmeckles have been rendered obsolete in the economies of our dimension and that's all we can offer right now.
For the rest of you, thank you so much for voting and participating! To wrap this card up, I'm going to leave you with the most moving Rick & Morty fan video of all time:
*burp* don't you get it, Morty? these people don't know how to expr*urrr*ess true fandom without making a "council" like a *buuu*nch of sheep!
Dat screaming sun. 鉂わ笍 MY FELLOW ICF'S! *hugs forever* and *ULTIMATE HIGH FIVE FROM ALL UNIVERSES* to @InVinsybll bro! 馃榿
@ButterflyBlu the minion heard the video and ran over saying, "WHAT IS HAPPENING?!" I'm like, "I knoooooow...."
@ButterflyBlu Now whenever I hear that song, I'm going to hear the screaming in my head too.
Lmao I didn't. 'Cause I'm a dum dum. But I just did. And I'm with the animals. "Yeeeah. I'm out!!" @danidee
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