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We all know that it is easy for artists to get injured, especially those with rigorous dance choreography. For Junho's case, he got a serious from acrobatics. It was something he had always wanted to do, and he was practicing hard for it when the incident happened. This came as a shocking confession, as I had no idea that he was injured. There seemed to be no news about it, or maybe I was just too caught up in school at that time to learn about it. Acrobats is a very tough sports. Junho said that that time he felt directly onto his heads from 2 meters and lost consciousness for a few minutes. Such fall caused his spine to be fractured. But knowing Junho, he is a guy with steel mind (despite his sweet smile and cute face). He insisted on performing without support at 2pm's concert in Shanghai, only using the wheelchair backstage. He bandaged and wrapped his waist tightly so that it was possible to stand while singing. (Junho... really... it's so sad reading this) He is on his way to recovering and still receives spine therapy. It still hurts when he does strong movements. But not once did he think of giving up dancing. It's his determination and passion that got him through this hard phrase. I really admire people like him. Junho fighting!
I hope he gets better soon
@Larkspurs they ALWAYS get into accidents somehow... :(
those boys need to be more careful. Remember when Taec broke his arm arm wrestling? And before that, Taec broke his leg. Sheeeeeesh.