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So more and more I am seeing people reading imagines and other scenarios and saying "oh yeah I can totally see XYZ doing this."

And that makes me think:

Is it fair for us to project our ideas of their personalities on them?! When we don't know them personally?!

I have NOTHING against fanfic, imagines, and scenarios but I think the main thing to remember is that at the end of that day, that is ALL fiction.

For example, I recently saw a post a BTS imagine on tumblr that talked about Suga getting really violent when he's angry (probably because of the Run music video?) and there were SO many reblogs saying "omg Suga is dead on" or "I can totally see Suga doing that"

But like.... why?

Has Suga ever showed that side of himself?

Is it fair that we, as people who have never met him, see him as a person who is quick to anger and violence? Has a short temper? Could be abusive?

We start to create these personalities and senses of humor for people we've never met and for the most part it doesn't hurt anyone, but it can always be taken too far.

For example, the Rap Monster death threat thing.

People make Rap Mon out to be something he isn't, this fake personality we created turns into an inside joke, that inside joke gets out of hand, and in the end we have someone 'jokingly' threaten to kill Rap Mon.

See how its dangerous?

I'm rambling but I guess I just wanted to make this card to bring up this issue and to see what you guys think about this.

I love the imagination and just general awesome-ness that comes out of the fiction we create as fans (memes, imagines, etc) but I just want to remind everyone that it's fiction, we don't really know them, and joking is fine as long as its under control and harmless :)

I'm not calling anyone out in the community - this is just something I was thinking about today after seeing that Tumblr post...

Keep being Groovy, Vingle Family!

yes so true. I write fanfictions too about big bang. and many people inbox me saying "he is not like that in real life or that's not his real personality. " Like it obvious I know it not there true identity. Its why it's called a FICTION STORY. Fiction means: Fake, the author's imagination to the story; Fantasy. Non fiction means: Real life based on true stories. I hope the difference is known. Love the card. Just love it 👌💖
Ever since I got into KPop I realized that either the company or fans, but mostly the company gives them these type of personality or images that they show on and off stage as well as on camera. What about off camera? We don't know them personally and don't know how they act, respond, or even function when those cameras are off. They can show us little bits and pieces of their true self at random times, but we don't truly know them. It always makes me wonder if we will ever truly know them as a person without the cameras, without the makeup, without titles, without the fame, without the gags?
Creative freedom is great but I agree that sometimes people take things too far. I also have to agree with @baileykayleen. I can't say for sure that each member is given a role or anything but honestly, they could be a totally different person when the cameras aren't on them. They could also just be faking their personality in general, sort of like how you're (or maybe it's just me?) a different person around your family than you are around your friends. I remember seeing this video once of Taemin when he didn't know that he was being filmed. He didn't say or do anything bad but he just didn't seem quite like the Taemin we always see in videos. It's a bit sad for me to admit but mist idols probably aren't anything like what we are able to see...
I actually have very strong feelings about this and it isn't a very popular opinion. As an idol, I think the majority of what they show is is calculated by the idol themselves and the company they are with. They are given a specific role, and then it is that idols job to flesh out this character to make them believable, likable, and marketable. Now there are some idols that seem more candid than others, but that too could be a role that that specific person was given. So to me, how much of what we see is real? Not much. The idol persona is a character. Not that everything they do is fake, but I think what you see on camera versus if you met this person on the street without and ties to idol-life would be very different. I know the SHINee boys always joke with one another that once the cameras turn off it is like night and day difference. The truth is we do not know these idols, their habits and mannerisms, but if you look at them as the characters they are showing us, it makes sense we can pretty accurately speculate. I can give you a complete description of what Buffy the Vampire Slayer would do in any given situation. Do I know for sure what she would do? Not if it didn't happen in an episode. But the character was thought out and well rounded, so it's easy to predict their motives and actions.
With fics and the sort, I always viewed it as a character, as in if they were acting in a drama. I wonder if part of people's misrepresentation of them in the fandom has to do with their performance image. Many performers put on a stage/performance face for a variety of reasons, so it's hard to know based purely on that. Since we are people who don't know them personally, we can only take in what we're given. How much of their personalities that are revealed in videos and shows are actually their own personality and how much of it is a face they put on? Whether intentional or not? It's hard to know for sure until you befriend someone to really know what they're like. I know I'm guilty of probably misrepresenting them in my mind a bit, but it's just taking what is revealed throughout videos and combining it all together, adding in the hard work of being an idol, and general frustrations of the age range and keeping in mind that they might be going through tough times that we don't know about. Even if it's an overly happy, silly persona compared to how they really are, a part of me wants to believe in it and hope that the happiness and silly goofy fun trickles into their normal life.
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