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Genre: Angst (Mature Content Warning) MAFIA!YOONGI+BTS
Members: Yoongi/ Suga; Reader (You); Jimin; Jungkook; Jin; JHope; Rap Monster; Taehyung
Part: 33/? Character Profiles | Video
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Summary:He had a goal and you were just one more person to crush to get to it.
Jungkook took a deep breath in his sleep, mouth shutting. His eyes were still firmly shut as his body slept, no indication that he was cold from the icy breeze crawling along the rooftop. Even pressed between the heater unit and his body, you were feeling the chill. You turned towards him, debating on whether or not to move closer to him.
He would dislike it, right?
You frowned to yourself, gaze lowering to his arms crossed over his chest and legs lying straight down. He wasn’t exactly inviting. At least with Yoongi, he’d sleep on his side, slightly curled; the perfect position for you to squeeze into when you had a nightmare. And whenever you had done so he’d only yawn, resting his head against yours.
Jungkook was flat on his back, straight as a board. Tentatively, you slipped your hand into one of his, pulling it away from his chest to try to make room.
His fingers suddenly curled around yours, halting your movement. Eye snapping back up to his face, you saw that Jungkook was quietly staring at you, the sleep seemingly evaporating as he focused on your face. He looked angry, you observed. This was indeed a bad idea. “What are you doing?” He asked hoarsely, gaze dropping to your cold hands. You quickly pulled your hand away, nervously looking at it,
“I-I was..I was trying to lay beside you.” You mumbled. He narrowed his eyes in confusion,
“You already are.” He observed. Shaking your head, you rolled onto your back, pulling the blankets up higher. Jungkook lightly tapped your thigh under the blankets, “What were you really trying to do?” He sighed heavily at your silence, “What’s wrong now?”
“I’m sorry.”
“Sorry for what?”
“Waking you.” You murmured, “You looked angry when you woke up after I touched you so I’m sorry..I won’t do it again.” He shook his head, crossing his arms once more,
“It’s not you..You…You just can’t wake up thinking that whoever’s waking you only wants to hold your hand.” He explained, “I wasn’t angry that you were waking me up.” Jungkook shifted closer, rolling onto his side and kissing the tip of your shoulder, “Now what did you really want, Jagi?” He rolled his eyes when you shook your head, still refusing to tell him. “I’m awake now.” he complained softly, “At least say something.”
“Can you tell me about your family?” You suddenly whispered, shifting your attention to him. He seemed to know more about your family than you did. It would be nice to know a little more about his. Hovering over you, Jungkook’s face was a couple inches from yours, his teasing expression wiping to a blank stare the moment your question left your lips. He drew back a bit, shrugging.
“My mom died in a fire Jimin started.” He huffed, “I was 11…what more is there to talk about?”
“What was she like?” You tried, “How did your dad die?”
He sent you an odd look, shaking his head, “My dad’s not dead.” Your eyes widened,
“He’s not? Oh, I’m sorry, Jeon. I-I thought..I don’t know what I thought, you just never mentioned him…I thought he died.” Your face flushed in embarrassment and he only ran the pad of his thumb along your cheek, feeling the warm growing there. You brushed his hand aside, embarrassed that you had assumed something so outrageous. “Where is your dad? Do you talk to him? What does he do? Is he in the Mafia too?” He smiled at you, slowly shaking his head,
“No..” He chuckled, covering his mouth with his hand, “No, he’s not in the Mafia, Y/N. He’s..” Jungkook’s laughter quieted, “He’s the mayor.”
“The mayor!?” You exclaimed. Jungkook’s dad was the mayor? The mayor was a graying man and Jungkook was so young, how was that possible? How old was his mother?
“Wh- Why are you in the Mafia, then? I don’t..did you two fight after your mother died or something?”
His expression sombered, “No..He was having an affair with my mom when she got pregnant with me..He gave her the side girl special. Apartment on the opposite side of town, paid rent, all that.” He scratched his head, “He didn’t want anyone to know that he was having an affair; none the less a woman 10 years younger than him.” Jungkook waved off your horrified expression, “It’s not that bad, I think…Tae’s dad was fifte-no, twenty. He was twenty years older than his mom.” His face saddened,
“She was 16. Tae said one day in grade school he came home and his dad was there; after being gone since he was born..and his mom was gone. He said he learned everything he knows from his dad, but I never know if he’s proud or ashamed of that…they never got along. A few years back he found his mom. She’s got a husband and kids; she’s a nurse….I don’t know what happened between her and Tae other than she has a restraining order on him now.”
You wrapped your arms around Jungkook, burying your face into his chest, “I’m sorry.” He laughed lightly, rubbing your shoulder.
“It’s not your fault.”
“Why..why didn’t your dad take you in when your mom died? Have you spoken to him since? Wait, does he even know about you?” That would explain why Jungkook was in the Mafia in the first place. Surely the mayor of the city. despite his apparent stain of an affair, would take in his own son? His entire campaign was family focused. There was no way he knew about Jungkook and did nothing.
“He knows.” He stated, “I see him at speeches sometimes when Namjoon hyung wants to sit in on them. He looks at me..that’s about it.” Rubbing his nose, Jungkook shifted his legs, flinching at your cold toes brushing along his shins, “He was there..after the fire department came..He said he couldn’t pick me up with so many people to witness so he told me to wait in an alley across the street..” His arms wrapped around you tightly,
“I waited for three days, then Namjoon forced me to go back to the warehouse. But even then, I went back to that alley the next to wait and he didn’t show, so I left a note telling him I’d wait there from noon to sunset everyday and if he couldn’t get there during that time, I’d be at the warehouse. He..he obviously never showed and I stopped waiting for him.” You felt his lips press against your temple, “I’ve got an older half brother though.” He murmured humorously,
“He’s a police officer. He’s got a wife and two boys; I’m an uncle, Y/N.” He chuckled,”..He arrested me once actually! His oldest son is close to my age…I saw him trying to buy drugs from someone, so I called the police..I stayed around to make sure he didn’t buy anything and ended up getting arrested. He arrested his own brother for looking out for his son! But he doesn’t know me, so I can’t blame him. My stepmom is a housewife, she likes throwing parties.”
“How do you know all this?”
“I used to keep tabs on them.” He admitted, “..They’re my family, I guess..not my real family; not like Namjoon and Tae and everyone else. Namjoon’s done more for me than my mayor dad ever has. And Tae’s more of a brother than Mr Police Captain.”
He kept track of them, you wondered sadly. You felt your eyes water. How could he casually talk about observing a family that he should have been a part of? He could’ve been an officer too. He could have finished highschool and went on to college and been perfectly happy if his father was half the man he should be. Jungkook might’ve been engaged by now with a steady job and a home and real friends. Why didn’t Jeon hate him? “When did you stop keeping track of them?”
“After I met you.”
He grinned at your surprised look, brushing away your tears. Jungkook kissed you quickly, arms drawing you in closer, “You’ve taken up a lot of my time.” He joked. He felt you shiver in his hold and he curled around you, “Do you want to meet them? There’s a speech tomorrow, I think. We can stand in the crowd..He always spots me.”
“No?” He echoed in disbelief. “I want to though…I want him to see you…to see I’m happy.” You shook your head furiously,
“No.” You cried, angrily wiping at your eyes. Why was Jeon trying to show his father he was happy? Jungkook didn’t have to prove anything to that man. The mayor didn’t deserve to know anything of whether Jungkook was happy or not. He didn’t deserve a son like Jeon. “I don’t want to meet or see the man who abandoned you. I regret ever voting for him.” You frowned, holding him tighter, “I’m sorry, Jeon.”
He sighed pleasantly, dabbing at your eyes with the hem of the blanket. While your constant and consistent concern for him made him feel truly loved, he didn’t understand sometimes. He thought you wanted to know about his family? All that talk about his dad wasn’t sad at all compared to his mom, he figured. Jungkook didn’t know his dad.. Yeah, he knew of him, but that personal connection, like he had with his mom, wasn’t there. Talking about his dad was just talking; there was no feeling. There was no need for you to be so upset. There was especially no need for you to feel the need to apologize. “Why do you keep apologizing? What are you sorry for?”
“I’m sorry I can’t fix any of that..your mom, your dad, your nephew, this whole Mafia.” If anyone deserved a happy and carefree life, it was Jungkook. He deserved everything and it crushed your heart that you couldn’t give him any of that. You loved Jeon, but you couldn’t offer him one good thing. You were just you; and you were useless.
Pulling his head down to yours, you kissed him; surprising him with your sudden zeal. Jungkook sighed, quickly taking control. His hand cupped your jaw, holding you still as he tilted his head. You felt his leg press between your thighs as he rolled atop you, the weight of his body pressing into you. He angled your head towards his, switching the position of his mouth.
Your fingers dug into his broad shoulders, toes curling as he rhythmically pressed into you. His hand pulled your shirt up, and you flinched at the winter air seeping under the blanket and stinging your skin. Abruptly shocked from your daze to feel the throbbing of your leg, you pressed a hand against his hip, nudging him back. He propped his weight on his hands and knees, mumbling a curse to himself when he noticed you massaging your thigh. He had forgotten you were still injured and he had just put all his weight on you. What was he thinking?
Well, he knew what he was thinking, but why did he think now was a good time?
Rolling onto the mattress beside you, he placed his hands beside yours, soothingly working his fingers along the muscle. Your fingers intertwined with his as you softly apologized once more, “I’m sorry I can’t make your life better.” He looked at you in disbelief,
“You already have.”
The more Yoongi is mentioned the more my heart bleeds for him
I'm curious about where everything is going.
😢Why can't they just be happy!?!? This story better end in a somewhat happy way!
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