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Hello, my name is Dani, and I am a lazy girl. Have you ever wanted to improve the quality of your life without any additional effort? Well, fortunately for you, I'm here today to give you tips on how to get stuff done in the laziest way possible.
Warning: If you're not a disgusting animal, chances are you're going to hate all of this advice. Like, you're just not committed to the lazy girl lifestyle.
Tip 1: Duct tape is the new lint roller.
If you need to take care of a lint situation and are too lazy to head to Target to buy a roller, just go find some duct tape, and use the sticky side to clean your clothes.
(Hey, fancy girls. Does your lint roller also work in emergency situations to spare your life and secure your home in the event of the impending apocalypse? No? Didn't think so.)
Tip 2: Straightening irons don't only have to be for hair.
Have you ever been in a rush, only to find out the shirt or skirt you just put on looks like a sloppy, wrinkly mess? Grab your hair iron and (carefully) glide the fabric through it.
Tip 3: Baby powder, rice flour, and corn starch all make epic DIY dry shampoos.
Dry shampoo is an awesome option between showers, but what happens when your spraycan runs out? Grab a comb, hunt down baby powder, and you're good as gold.
Tip 4: Can't sew? Become friends with iron-on patches.
Mom introduced me to these patches back when I used to skateboard and constantly tear jeans up on the asphalt. Sometimes sewing is the easier route, but these patches are another cheap and reliable fix-it - and all you need is flip your pants inside out and iron!

So what do you ladies think? Are you down to be a lazy girl too? Have you tried any of these before?

Let me know if you know of any other easy lazy girl life hacks. (@TessStevens has a great card full of them right over here!) The lazier, the better!
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@TurtleyTurtles I'm so proud of your laziness right now that I think I might cry. :')
@danidee they're not more uncomfortable than jeans to me. It's all worth it coz i hate sewing
@danidee I feel bad I'm really sorry
@danidee thank you for letting me know. I will keep that in mind.
@danidee Another one that my boyfriend started doing to keep sheets smelling fresh, or clothes that you wear a second time before washing, is mix a little fabric softener with water in a spray bottle. Bam. Homemade febreze. It's not just us girls that are lazy! Lol.