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This Sunday it's going down, literally.

Whether you happen to be into football or you just fake it for your boyfriends sake, this Sunday is the Superbowl. Can you believe it's already February? While Superbowl Sunday happens to be a rather intense, yet casual event -- which means, it's in your best interest to dress the part.
If you happen to be hosting the party at your spot or heading out to a friends, your outfit should be football appropriate. Leave the heels and jewelry and switch things up for a change. Let's just call it, 'game day chic'. To perfect this look, keep scrolling to see the few pieces you need to pull this easy, casual look together.

Jersey or Graphic Tee

If you can find a shirt of the team you're rooting for or better yet, a fitted jersey than you will have your entire outfit down packed. This piece will set the entire outfit off.

Loose Denim

It's game day which means you want to be as lax and comfortable as possible. Opting for a pair of boyfriend jeans will probably be your best bet. Because who doesn't love a pair of spacious boyfriend jeans, right?

Comfortable Sneakers

Lose the heels and throw on a pair of sneakers that will give you that athletic, yet stylish appeal.

The Loose Beanie

We all love a beanie, especially in the cool weather. Although, you'll be watching the game indoors, a beanie just works.

What would you wear to a Superbowl Sunday party?

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@nicolejb Gotta go with the classic New Era or something of that sort haha
Ehhh I dunno about the beanie hahahaha. This whole outfit looks like the hipster Super Bowl edition.
actually we have ragby here not football 馃槃
This looks like a really great outfit idea. I'd layer the graphic tee with a jean jacket that doesn't match the jeans you're wearing. It can add some dimension, and if you're doing the whole tailgating thing Add a thin fashion scarf! Great card @jordanhamilton
I'd wear it ;) @jordanhamilton
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