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A lot of people benefit from a blood cleanse in the day and age where fast food, pharmaceuticals, and other toxins run rampant. Drinking a fancy herbal blood cleanse tea just won't be enough to achieve cleanliness, one has to actually consume the herbal remedy. Having said this, it is really important not to eat every tea that's on your shelf as many and most if not all of them are designed to have a flavour not so much a miracle cure. Herbs such as yarrow, lady's mantle, and goldenseal will definitely cleanse your liver and spleen; the centres of your blood. be careful to not to over-consume these, especially goldenseal, as they are bitter and will weaken your body when abused or misused. Other benefits of cleansing your blood, the sewage system of our bodies, is that all other bodily fluids will be cleansed as well. Always consult a plant medicine specialist before consuming herbs. Denis Vujcic