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For Thursday of Super Bowl week, I have prepared a recap of Super Bowl 49!

Super Bowl 50 may only be a few days away, but we cannot forget about the incredible show the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks put on last year during Super Bowl 49. It was also the first Super Bowl I watched with a bit of alcohol, which made it so much more memorable (or maybe less memorable?).

Anyways, here we go!


Probably the most over-played song in 2014/15, but I definitely still listen to it once in awhile. And the girl that sang the song of the year also sang the national anthem for Super Bowl 49.

And one of my favorite singers of all time: John Legend.

He sang a beautiful rendition of "America The Beautiful". America wasn't the only thing that was beautiful that night. John Legend's voice was also beautiful.

And the interception...

that everyone thought was the leading sign to Seahawks' victory!

And Kim Kardashian.

It was one of the most awkward and pointless ad of the year. Hopefully, they have some better ads this year.

Marshawn Lynch and his Skittles.

Oh how can we forget about him and his skittles. Also, that press conference he had with Skittles before the Super Bowl was legendary.

Probably the highlight of the night.

Katy Perry? I don't think so. Ladies and gentleman, I present you, LEFT SHARK AND RIGHT SHARK.

The Butler Interception.

That eventually led to...


Looking through these GIFs of Super Bowl 49 just got me so much more excited for Super Bowl 50. Hope all my football fans are just as excited.

What were some of your favorite moments from Super Bowl 49?