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I was tagged by @Ligaya and I'm feeling social so why not. I'm only doing my ultimate bias list because it's shorter. xD

Let's start with TOP

Favorite features:

Smile Dimples Eyes Jawline


I am a sucker for dimples and a strong jawline. These two things are the first things that attracted me to the gorgeous Tabi.

G Dragon

Favorite features:


Mole Profile


First of all I LOVE the mole under his eye that he tends to make into a cross. I'm also obsessed with his profile. Maybe it's because I was an art student for awhile. But G dragon looks good in all angles. Let's not forget his lovely tattoos. ♡♡


Favorite features:

Laughing smile

Lips Voice

This was the hardest for me. I generally just like the way he looks! Like there isn't little things that attract me to Zico. I just look at him and think "this man, this man is attractive." If that makes sense.

Rap Monster

Favorite features:


Dimples Face Shape Voice

Remember my obsession with dimples? Yep. Namjoonie kills me with his. Aigoooooo.

Song Mino

Favorite features:


Smile Eyes His ability to look good in circle glasses.

Along with good profiles and jawlines. I love cheekbones. Way more than I should actually.


Favorite features:

Eyes Nose Lips Smile His whole damn face.

I find Suga to be way too fucking adorable for his own damn good.

I'm going to stop here. ♡ I could go on and on about all my rap babies. (yes they are my children.) Tagging some familiar peeps.

Let me know if you'd like to be tagged in my future posts.

TOP's jawline though
@Ligaya yep. Total weaknesses. ♡♡♡
I see we have similar obsessions 😂 Dimples, moles, jawlines, tattoos 😍😍😍😍
Suga 😍😘❤️👌🏼