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NamjoonXReader Genre:Fluff/Angst
What happened? You asked yourself, trying to get up but your massive headache prevented you to do so. You turned to one side and saw something pink. Thats weird, I dont own anything pink. You moved your sheets over for a closer look. You quickly sat up startled at the sight of Namjoon sleeping with his head on the edge of your bed, while sitting on your chair. Oh god, what did you do last night? The only thing you clearly remember was walking outside and spotting Namjoon talking to Eun Hye. Argh! Why cant you remember? You placed your hands over your ears and closed your eyes tight, trying to remember what happened last night between the two of you. Okay, okay you tripped into him. Great. What else? You looked down at your feet and remembered the bandages he had place on your ankle after the sight of your scratches. You started to remember his blazer over your cold shoulders. You were arguing, but what were you arguing about? You turned your head to look at him, and remembered his soft lips on yours. Um… you gasp upon remembering your sudden confession. Stupid, stupid! You cursed at yourself, hitting your head. Wait, there was one more thing… now you remembered. He sang for you. He sang a song that was written to you, expressing his feelings. You remembered how surprised you were, because he was never the person to express his feelings. You remembered that way you were drowned into his song. He probably took you home as well. You giggled when you remembered telling him to stay with you. How could you be so blind? You were clearly still in love with him. Jae Hwan was right but you didnt want to believe it. When you snapped back to reality you found your hand stroking his hair. Ah! You probably did it out of habit. You felt his hand grab your arm, and you let out a shriek not knowing he was already awake. Whyd you stop? He asked, sitting up with a smile on his face. Im surprised you remembered everything that happened last night just by hitting your head a few times. But Im glad you didnt forget. And why is that? You asked curious. He smiled and answered your question with a quick peck on your lips. You gasped, placing your hand over your lips. Who could forget these amazing lips? He chuckled, getting up to stretch. So… what are we? What do you mean? You asked, innocently.
Dont play games, youre in love with me and Im in love with you. What else is there? He said in a serious tone, leaning his face towards you. Just because were still in love with each other doesnt mean we should get back together. There was a reason why we broke up. You pointed out, pushing him back so you could get up. Where are you going? He called to you, as you walked down the hall. You ignored him and went to your closet, reaching to the back to pull out some of Namjoons old clothes that he left and never came back for. You went back to your bedroom before throwing the clothes at him. Here, this should be better than a suit. It must have been uncomfortable. You offered, closing the door behind you as you left to the kitchen. Namjoon was surprised that you kept his clothes after all these years, he wasnt complaining either because anything was better than this wrinkly suit. He quickly slipped on the sweat pants and T-shirt and walked towards to kitchen to find fresh food on the counter. Im surprise these still fit me. He chuckled, taking a seat in front of you. Have some pancakes. You smiled, giving him a bottle of syrup. He nodded thanks before digging in. Man, he missed your cooking. He couldnt help but finish almost everything while you only had two. You laughed as you watched him stuff his face with your food. It was nice that someone appreciated your food and it made you smile. Can I just ask you something? You questioned. He nodded, still stuffing his face with food. You hesitated a bit before you spoke, Did you ever cheat on me? He froze and swallowed the food in his mouth, feeling the tension in the air. I may have lied to you and neglected you a lot but I have never cheated on you. He answered staring in your eyes. You knew he wasnt lying but then again you werent sure. You nodded and went back to your own plate of food. You know our relationship didnt work because of your busy schedule. With BTS getting more and more popular your schedule is going to be worse than before. Our relationship wouldnt stand a chance. You pointed out, daring to still look at him. He stopped to think. Youre right but thats something we could work on. Before 2 years ago, we were young and immature. We can fix that problem if you let me. He smiled, determined to win you back. Were still immature, especially you. You laughed. But I dont know if I can… Your voice trailed off and it left dead silence for a long time. The silence broke when Namjoons phone rang. He quickly picked it up expecting to be his manager. The conversation didnt last long but he got up from his seat and grabbed his things. I have somewhere to go. He explained, before leaving. Thanks for breakfast. No problem, thanks for bring me home. You replied back, he just smiled and closed the door behind him. There he goes again, leaving you in a confused mind set. You knew his schedule was important but what about you? If this is going to end up like 2 years ago, its best to just leave everything the way it was. Right?
Oh no...😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨 I don't think the relationship will work out I mean....he just left her again in the middle of them finally having a real conversation.😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 I need to know what happened next.🙇🙇🙇🙇😫😫😫😫😫🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
i hope thing work out i really wan to see a happy ending with out any problems in between i mean i don't mind a simple twist in the story and then everything to be good again :) and if there are twist i hope its nothing like amnesia or one of them getting hurt and ending in a coma i mean i would still enjoy reading it but i don't think that my heart could handle anything big like that lol anyways please keep on tagging me i really enjoy reading this story :D
Damn. 😑 lol
Tag me in the next part please~