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we never go out of style ~ we never go out of style ~ (when we have crop tops XDD)

1. Turtle Neck Crop Top

This is the staple that every girl should have ! haha I bought them in several colours ! I've got myself black, white, grey as well as nude >.<
I usually pair it with high waisted button down skirt, denim jeans. Sometimes to create more edgy // "socalledtheswaglook" I will pair it with a pair of black leggings and a pair of black Nike huarache.
This is from Luulla.

2. Off-shoulder Crop Top

For those who want to create a feminine or glam look. Get yourself this off-shoulder crop top! You can pair it with a all button down skirt, long skirt, skater skirt or even pants ! This is from Forever 21.

3. Ripped Crop Top

Lets show some collar bone ! hahah this is a cute piece of crop top either ! This is from TopShop.
4. Deep V neckline crop top
If you are a daring person ! Go for a bolder statement like this crop top ! It has deep v neckline and lace details at the bottom.
This is from Newstart, Luulla !
I love crop tops but I can't wear them😢 I'm ten so there's that plus if I wore one it would be more like a bra on me than a crop top
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@gabbycalzada perhaps you just need to find a crop top which suits your own body type. Try to explore around, play with the outfits, Im sure you will look pretty in it when you find 1 ^^
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