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so I decided to make the story a little longer because I feel like we need more Kai and the reader on this! who agrees with me can I get an amen up in here! I hope you guys like it!!! happy reading and remember! if you want clues it's on the videos that I post at the end of each part of my stories, also the pictures that i post on the begining and end are also clues.. happy reading my lovely fanfatics!!!!Also thanks again for reading all my cards and for this series too your compliments make my day really! i appreciate it ! i love you all, happy reading!!! my fanfatics! wanna read from the start ? links down below! - Part 1 - - Part 10 -
“Like medicine that makes you breathe, I want to swallow this poison for you, Giving me the sickness, To be drunk with you and never wake up, Even if I can’t Open my eyes, Because darkness swallows me, Even if all of me dies, And everything breaks apart, Because of you,”
*beep, Beep, beep* The machines besides Kai’s Bed start to beep like crazy, while Kyungso runs to his bed and start to open his eyelids and takes his light and points it to his eyes. Ky: “His eyes aren’t responding!” While he puts two fingers on his neck to search for a heart beat, he looks at the screens and screams, Ky: “ Fuck!, don’t you dare die on me Kai, don’t do it” He grabs his both hands and starts to position them on the middle of his chest and performs CPR while he tells Sehun to take you out of the room you Shockley look at Kyungso and grab Kai’s Hand and start to cry.
While Sehun pulls your hand, then kyungso orders Sehun to help him and bring him the defibrillator. Sehun locks you up into another room and runs to go get the defibrillator. All you could here is Kyungso giving orders to Sehun, overwhelming tears runner down your face all you could do is to bang in the door and scream his name and how much you love him and that now you understood why was he acting like that with you all these days, you start yelling the dream you had of you both being together lovingly enjoying each others precious moments.
While on the other side of the door kyungso trying his best to bring him back to life, Ky: “Getting ready, charge” Ky: “ready, charge” That’s All you could hear, your begging wouldn’t stop you cried yourself to the ground curled up still hitting the door silently saying Y: “don’t Leave please.. I need you, please don’t Give up on me, Kai” You felt like you where about to go crazy inside that obscure room.
You felt like you where about to go crazy inside that obscure room. You suddenly start too hear a beeping sound inside your head, a really loud sound you wouldn’t contain you grabbed your hands and put them in your ears screaming, when suddenly you passed out.

*Entering Dreaming State (Clarissa)*

You open your eyes and see that You’re on that white room again you slowly get up from Being curled up on the ground with your hands on your ears you start to look around you don’t See Kai inside, you start to call out his name but he doesn’t Appear. You see a door open, you get up and run up to the door and there he is standing watching both of you holding hands on the beach. You run up to him and hug him from the back. He smiles and says K: “no wonder I fell for you, you’re So beautiful look at you”
You grab his hand and pull him to face you, lifting your hands you grab his cheeks and say to him, Y: “Kai listen to me you need to wake up please wake up from this dream I beg you please” K: “why?, i want to stay here it’s really nice here” You start to cry, your eyes won’t Stop sobbing, Kai starts to wipe your tears from falling and you look at him and say, Y: “I’m Begging you, please wake up from this dream, I promise when you wake up I’ll explain everything ok?” K: “ can we just stay here for a little bit more?, I want to see what happened next” He walks away from you, You grab his hand and say to him Y: “No, don’t go, don’t Leave me alone” He looks at you and smiles at you and softly turns around and grabs your other hand and says, K: “I’m Here, I won’t leave you”
You start crying uncontrollably and say to him, Y: “do you love me?, if so do what I’m asking you to do please, wake up” He looks at you lovingly and hugs you, softly kisses your forehead and says, K: “what if I don’t remember you when I wake up?” You started to feel a discomfort in your chest, a feeling that it wouldn’t let you breathe you almost like if you where running out of breath, when suddenly that beeping sound once again invaded your ears, Kai looking at You shocked screaming saying things to you. The beeping sound was to loud that overpassed his voice you couldn’t Hear him at all. You passed out.

*Dreaming state is over (Clarissa)*

You wake up and you try your best to breathe , coughing and tears still on your face you try your best to get up when suddenly Sehun opens the door. S: “ are you OK you’re so pale, let’s go with Kyungso” He lifts you up with his strong arms and puts you back in bed with Kai. You look at him and grab his hand, you could feel his cold fingers and you say to Kyungso, Y: “Is he OK? “ Ky: “yes he’s OK” You look at him and Kyungso says, Ky: I’m going to put an IV on you” You nod At him and close your eyes you ask him, Y: “Will he ever wake up”? Ky: “Yes he will in a few minutes, you passed out for hours did you know that?” S: “yeah we didn’t hear you knocking, or saying stuff, you fell asleep or probably you passed out” Ky: “so much stress on you lately, relax”
You look onto the sealing, and breathe slowly, you suddenly feel Kai’s Finger move. You automatically get up and say Y: “He moved his finger” Ky: “really?” Sehun and Kyungso get up from the chair they where sitting on to the other side of the bed and wait for Kai to open his eyes. He suddenly starts to move his eyes, and opens his eyelids. Kyungso and Sehun smile and say Ky & S: “Hello!, welcome back!” K: “ hey, I had a dream, a really weird one, with a girl I can’t remember her name and her face” They Shockley look at him and Kyungso says, Ky: “Do you remember us?” K: “Yes, Kyungso and Sehun..” Sehun says, S: “and her?”
He turns and you look at him tears on your face rolling down you couldn’t believe he woke up after that dream you had begging him to wake up and him hugging you. Those memories of him of that dream giving you forehead kisses and holding your hands softly. Remembering those words he said to you on your dream of “No wonder I fell for you, look at you, you’re beautiful”. You stared at him hoping he would say your name when suddenly, he looks at you confused he scratches his eyebrow and says, K: “Umm, …….. “ A Silence invaded the room.
“Even if I can’t live without you, Even if I’m Branded with a unreasonable mark, Even if I go crazy, Its because of you, Why can’t you know? I can’t Distance you far away, Forever, I want both heaven and he’ll, Wanting you who doesn’t Want me, If it’s My sin, Ill sweetly receive the punishment, Ill endure even if it hurts to death, I’m Going to love you to death,” “Let me ask you, Can I breathe just with that one love?”
no longer am i confused but an emotional wreck now.... 😢😭
Feels everywhere 😭😭
@drummergirl691 @LaurenDimalanta pull yourself together no crying ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ !!!!
@bbyitskatie It's ok. You're that good of an author.
@drummergirl691 sorry!!!!!! ㅠㅠ
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