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JiminXReader Genre:Fluff/Angst/Smut Note i added a name to his Girlfriend And I made a little present for you guys :)
Jimin POV
The both of you got home and he went straight upstairs to his room. He lied on the bed. His heart was feeling warm and content but he quickly snapped out of it, Park Jimin, you better not like this girl. Sure shes the only one you had a conversation with without fucking her brains out. But that doesnt mean you should develop feelings for her! Maybe… Think of her as one of your guy friends He thought about you as Taehyung or Yoongi and he cringed, … Never mind. It doesnt help me at all that shes cute as fuck too! He whined into his pillow, Why is love so confusing?! I dont want to like her. She hates my guts. He couldnt stop himself from thinking about you daily. On the weekend, he had a date with his so called Girlfriend but the only thing he had on his mind was the smile you gave him right before he left, and how he was going to break up with the girl, for the millionth time.
Jimin? Hello? He snapped out of his thoughts 
Sorry babe, what? 
You seem really out of it today… It better not be that girl!
Its not! He snapped back. She clung onto his arm as the night grew cold. He brought her to a mini Gazebo around the town. It was covered with flowers. The both of them sat down on the bench. She rubbed her hand on his knee and slowly started stroking up. He showed no emotion. He just picked up her hand and threw it off of him, Im not in the mood. 
she only smiled, I can make you in the mood she said as she put her hand back on his leg. He abruptly stood up, Jimin? 
His thoughts were plagued on you. He gave you his phone number and you were texting him while he was on his date. He didnt mind taking his phone out to check what you said. He would smile at whatever cheesy thing you texted to him. His phone buzzed and he took it out again, reading your message
He smiled again. His girlfriend only frowned before standing up and taking his phone out of his hands, H-Hey! 
Jimin! Youve been looking at your phone all day! You havent even looked at me for a decent second today! She quickly looked at the screen, Whos Y/n? And why do they know your mom?
He snatched his phone back, Its none of your business!
Umm, yes it is! Im your fucking Girlfriend, Jimin. Youre not supposed to hide things from me! 
Who said youre my girlfriend?! 
She was bewildered at his sudden outburst, What? 
Jimin blew up, his thoughts were all over the place, If you didnt notice, I broke up with you! I broke up with you weeks ago!
Her face was stern, I-I dont get it…
Of course you dont! Youre a stupid slut that just craves attention! 
She paused. He could notice the tears welling up in her eyes. Thats when he realized what he actually said. Before he had a chance to apologize, she ran off into the distance. 
Shit He kicked the ground and sat back down again, I really fucked up this time. 
His phone buzzed again. He checked it
At this point. You and Jimin had a great friendship going on. He would still tease you, and you did it back. You would call him pet names as well.
He put his phone back into his pocket, pulled out his earphones, and turned the music up as he walked back home
Awwwww, I wish Jimin knew who I was...😳
I really do hope they end up together..
I love this i hope we end up together
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omo omo! yay I love the fact that they get along now 😆
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