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New year, New drama!

Granted, I still need to finish several dramas I started in 2015 (Oh My Venus, Bromance) but my buddy (hubby) dragged me into this one. We finished all three seasons of Sherlock within two weekends and we were extremely impatient to wait for Season 4. The filming will begin in April 2016, but airing will probably be sometime in 2017! :( We needed another thriller, mystery, and action-filled series to fill our empty heart for Sherlock and out of no where he suggested Signal. We watched the first episode of signal this week and we were hooked.

A young boy witnessed a classmate being kidnapped.

The whole world thinks the kidnapper was a male. He firmly believed and saw with his own eyes the kidnapper was a female. He went to the police station several times trying to reveal the truth but no one listened to him.

15 years has passed.

He passed by the police station daily and saw the mother of his classmate protesting to find the kidnapper (who she also thought was a male). In order to figure out this mystery he decided to join the police academy and become a cop/detective.

His life literally turned upside down...

By a walkie talkie. At 23:00 sharp each night.

A walkie talkie as a communication channel (with the dead)?

That's pretty cool right?

Well, basically the story is about a young, smart detective solving cold cases and eventually unraveling the truth behind detective Lee Jae Han's (the walkie talkie owner's) death. If you're into mystery, thriller and Sherlock stuff! Watch this! It'll keep your adrenaline rushing.
@kpopandkimchi It is so good, in fact I don't want to stop watching. I hate cliff hangers and since it's new I have wait a week!!! :(
I want to start watching this!! I read the synopsis when it was first announced and it sounds really good~