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What more can I say?

It's time for the Super Bowl!

I know everyone's pretty busy enjoying their Super Bowl parties, but I will be posting live updates once in awhile to get our own live party going on at Vingle!
Hope you guys have a great Super Bowl Sunday and let's get this thing started!
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@Bobs that's how I always feel, too. The game ended and even though the party continued, everyone just kinda went, "awwww." Lol. Addicts. ;P On to the next sport, yeah? Almost time for March Madness and then Spring Training to begin in the MLB. (I'm stretching it. But. You know. Addicts.) @KyleBerke @mchlyang
@ButterflyBlu I guess its time to kill off a few shows on Netflix and wait for March madness then! Free agency, combine,, spring training, and by April the baseball season starts. There's basketball and hockey to feel the void. But the end of the's not 馃張!
Hey everyone! Thanks for all the participation! I will be gathering up the data for all the challenges to see who won!!! I have a pretty good idea it's going to be @KyleBerke though hahaha
@Bobs Exactly!! It's still not FOOTBALL!! *crying* SIGH. Oh well. What can we do? @mchlyang LOL hmmmm maybe?? That @KyleBerke is Totally a haxxor! XD
@Bobs Right. March Madness hahahaah