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I was originally going to feature a different song from another artist today, but Jimin reminded me about this song earlier and I realized I haven't yet posted about it yet. Which is surprising considering how much I love it and my penchant for dark, beautiful, tragic, haunting songs.
So here it is, my Song of the Day: "Let Me Know" by BTS.
If you're not familiar with the song, you may want to have tissues handy,
You can tell how much this song means to Suga by the fact that he's mouthing the lyrics to the other member's parts.
Suga, Rap Monster and J-Hope all co-wrote the track and Suga produced it along with Pdogg.
Why are they wet? No idea. But the performance is just beautiful. I'm completely captivated by them.
Namjoon just looked into my soul! And Jimin, that high note. You've all been blessed by an angel.
Uh, so haunting. I have so many emotions. I want to throw things!
I have never loved V's voice more than I do in this song. The fan chorus is perfect. I have goosebumps. This song.... what can I say? I lack the vocabulary to properly articulate my feelings.
I really wish this song was released as a single and they had shot a music video for it. It's just begging for one.
Then again, BIGBANG didn't make a M/V for "If You".
Alright folks, what did you think? Did this one give you a strong case of the feels? Did it stir your emotions and make you want to throw things like me?
I don't normally tag people in these cards, but I would like to share with my BTS peeps.
However, let me know if you would like to be tagged in my future Song of the Day Cards.
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I love this! Please tag me in song of the day again! Thank you
2 years ago·Reply
bts making me love them more and more every minute
2 years ago·Reply
I couldn't watch the last one. 😢 Jimin's voice on that high note..... 😭 Damn!!
2 years ago·Reply
a tag would be nice ^-^
2 years ago·Reply
this song totally got me into the feels!! when I first heard it, my ovaries exploded
2 years ago·Reply