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I'm not at all shy about sharing my obsession at work. I tend to share pictures music and facts with anyone who will listen and my sharing has born fruit. I now have 3 coworkers who, although they aren't k-pop fans, have k-pop 'boyfriends'
My first coworker heard Just Right and when I explained the meaning she loved Got7. Her boyfriend is Jackson. I put on videos of his antics and she can't get enough. Another coworker would watch over her shoulder and they would jokingly fight over him.
Those two would argue until I showed the 2nd coworker a video of V with children. She has a young son and instantly decided V is the best. She even listens to Hug Me on repeat and offered to join me at a fan sign if they ever have one here. She would bring her son.
Last but not least Taecyeon. My 3rd coworker was looking at pictures with me and saw this statuesque hunk. She blurted out "I'll totally go straight for him!" She kept making me show her pictures of him. I guess his sexiness is undeniable.
on a side note: I'm the supervisor and if I ask my coworkers what 1+1 equals they all scream GWIYOMI!
best ever!