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영어 일기 미루지 말자

ㅋㅋㅋ 미루지 말아요 우리!!
Today I will do nothing, which is my favourite thing to do! haha
I will just watch TV and enjoy my weekend.
I wish you guys have great Saturday, too!

컬렉션 팔로우하셔서 알림 받으세요!!ㅋㅋㅋ

I usually finish a day at around 2 am. I love when I have the time alone before I fall asleep. I can think about myself, listen to the audio lecture such as 입트영 and so on. oh, writing here is one of my favorite things as well. Have you guys been having a nice extended holiday? My moto of this holiday is "hungry" I need to lose my weight so I shouln't have meals heavily. I don't know I can make it. Wish me luck~!!!
today i am going to work , taking care of kids. i have to from 9 am to 3 pm. but i used to work overtime. so i don't know my schedule yet......happy weekend
I'm work in mart Today is too busy Because so many people in mart
awww.. too bother end.
well today is holiday 설날is the traditional holiday in our country also comply to jap or chin. but other day. Anyway. for me. it is just holiday same as yesterday one thing different is breakfast was 떡국. mom's touch. not bad. i was full after meal. and today noon at 2:30? it starts snow it become tougher and harder now im in bus to down town snow stoped. strangely it's more humid than usual. jobless. helplessness. gloomy. loosen.
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