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Just barely into the second month of 2016 and I'm still trying to finish up the 2015 holiday releases. I'll be finished with Halo 5 Guardians within the next couple days (at least finished with the main campaign) and have ARK downloaded onto my Xbox Ones hard drive. Should I dive into that beast or give something else some lovin? What game has your guys eyes glued to your screens? Or what's something in the near future your stoked to jump into?
Drop your guys Xbox Live gamertag here if your looking for some buds to game with. We would all be a family... like the Brady Bunch...just a lot more derogatory. Gamertag- kittypourn
oh man xbox! that's unfortunate since i have a ps4. but i'm not really play console exclusives. i've been spending most of my time playing fallout 4 and far cry 4 was just on sale for me so i picked that up. i'm in between so many games at once, i wish i could just commit to one haha
Hahaha save money? That's a concept I'm not familiar with XD it's true Shadow of Mordor is super repetitive...but for some reason I never get bored lol After tomb raider it's on to Assassins Creed Syndicate, after that if the final expansion of the Witcher is out I'll be playing that again :)
Just recently finished the Witcher 3 including the first expansion...I'm moving on to the new Tomb Raider next, I just decided to replay Shadow of Mordor first...I'm so far behind on game releases...looking forward to Quantum Break later this year :)
I'm so jealous of the fact that you are now starting the new Tomb Raider! Hands down one of the best games to have come out in the last five years. Never has a game had me so close to the edge of my seat the same way Tomb Raider did. I just picked up Shadows of Mordor GOTY edition on the Xbox One Market place on sale for $17.99. For a game thats so repetitive for some reason or another I'm hooked, and will sit in front of the screen with the entire evening have gone by. Quantum Break looks AMAZING!! I'm also stoked for that one. I'm thinking with Far Cry: Primal dropping at the end of the month I'll try and save some money spending all ours of the night playing Walker Assult in Star Wars Battlefront 3. :)