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I just watched Seventeen Project and fucking SOBBED. They worked so hard and you could see how beat down they were. Even though I knew they were going to get their debut, just all the shit they had to go through killed me. Especially when they got their rings back, I'm 90% sure I started crying before any of them did.
Hoshi's dad comforting him with food
Jeonghan STILL looking prettier than me
Seungkwan not able to stop crying (I feel you man)
But Woozi's confession absolutely killed me. I'm only a couple months older than him and this kid has so much piled on his shoulders. I mean for godsakes he sleeps in his studio when he's working. Kids our age should be having fun and not be responsible for 13 boys' careers. He IS good at it, but you can tell he's exhausted.
Long story short: Seventeen are in my heart along with B.A.P and VIXX.
@Dabaesaplayer it's gonna take some serious shit to make me leave
I watched that yesturday, still not used to it, still makes me in years just like when I watch nll. yay welcome to seventeen family. you are not allowed to leave, I wont let it happen.