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During my absence I missed out on quite a bit, and I have noticed everyone doing this challenge! So I figure I should join in and have some fun!

Day 1: Introduce Myself!

((I sorta did this before but, I can surely recap)) I am Kuzuri96! As a kid my favorite Marvel character was Wolverine, which is Kuzuri in Japanese. Over the years of growth and time I've had with watching and reading more Marvel stories, I've found that I can barely choose a true favorite character. There's so many greats. Anyway, I am 19, love anime, manga, and I clearly love Marvel...if you hadn't noticed.

Day 2: Fight I'd like to see (Daredevil vs. Spider-Man)

Oh boy....this bout would be amazing. Both Daredevil and Spidey have senses more keen than an average person. Even more keen than animals! The agility and smart tactical skills these two offer would make for an amazing brawl.

Day 3: What would happen if...?

Wolverine never gained an adamantium infused skeleton? Think he'd have a greater chance at being able to beat Magneto? Possibly...Lol

Day 4: I'm still bitter about....

Peter Parkers death. Some may say "The story must go on!" but I say "Go suck rocks!" But I suppose it's why Miles Morales was created....to be that next generation Spider-Man. Change is difficult....but I like Miles. So this specific change gives me GREAT hope!
Well MwM crew and all you Marvelers, those were my answers so far...can't wait to answer more!!! WOOOOO!!! *Runs in only boxers down the street while holding chimichangas* BUNS OF STEEL!! ~MwM Kuzuri @LAVONYORK @shannonl5 @amobigbang @MichaelOgg @LadyLuna
I know one thing I still haven't done my intro馃槖 But I like Wolverine too
@kuzuri96 for sure. I think Spidey is probably stronger but DD has more hand to hand combat training/experience so it would be pretty even
True, his web shooters make slight noise, I'm sure DD could pick up on it and move out of the way. Their sensory skills are like no other.
XD XD XD buns of steel I'd be so down to see Spidey vs. DD. Usually Spider-Man could do some long-distance stuff with his web shooters but I feel like Daredevil would be able to anticipate that and step out of the way easily; it would have to be close combat. @ThePerbySage @Boggleman @Namrow what do you think? :D
@Boggleman haha it's cool! I'm probably going to do every day but everyone else can do the ones they like ^_^