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(Why anime?) The Window Seat; A small treat for you guys

You've seen it in every anime where the main character that goes in school *always* sit by the window. There's simply too many that I know you can't ramble all of them up, the one you have a clear memory knowing that the MC is/was sitting there!
I mean, by this point, it's not even a cliché, it is an irrefutable fact that you can always spot the Main-Character of the story if the character has
a hair-style that stands out from the rest and *always sit by the window* (the first one is another info-article for another day)! XD
And yes...there is a reason...
More than one actually...

Animating is a lot harder than you might think...

Frame-by-frame. Most anime are made through that process. And it is unfortunately a very tideous and loooooong process to produce even 1 minute of screen-time. This is why it might take a while between two seasons of an anime or that there are fillers there (yes...that's why, Naruto-fans...that really is why...XD).
Let's take the example of Naruto, notorious for having excessive amounts of *fillers*! Well, of course they need them. They spit out one episode every week and there's very little time they have during the week to create an episode from technical-scratch, much less have any social life afterwards. That's why these fillers are necessary for the staff like the one for Naruto.
"But...Naruto is fighting in forests and battle-fields and bigger! Not in a classroom..." you might say...
You are right...

Framing the shot

To make it easier for the animators, you mostly see the MC from the angle from within the classroom, not outside of it, right? Sometimes, a shot from the teacher's desk to the MC might be added, but it has alot of things to do from an animators point of view. It is much easier to create *one* character's face and hair with a simple background like a window and some trees or the back of the classroom with only a few posters and books on a shelf than MANY faces in one shot!
Having the shot outside can also create fantastic imagery as the sky and the sun can contrast beautiful colours for us to see and enjoy as well...

It helps with the story as well...

That seat is reserved for the MC to think and ponder on what to do and such...

And through the window...

...one might look out and find something interesting...

Wouldn't you agree?

Oh, and one final thing to add...

Why is the sun always shining *into* the classroom?

Simple. The schools in Japan are made so, having the classrooms face the sun and the corridor on the other. This means in other words: They build the schools accounting the angle of the sun.


I dunno...
Save on using electric lights...? There are quite a few mental advantages in using natural light in a work-enviroment...:/
Sorry that I haven't posted anything on the "Why anime?" collection in a time now. I'm kinda stressed out with school and all, and need to prioritize my duties and obligations...
So, I figured I'd give you guys something light and easy to read as I am working on a Card *much much* longer and more thinking and pondering needed to be made :)
Oh and...again...there's more to the Card than I just laid out XD
Now, this Card is a part of my own series where I put up more anime-related posts such as discussing, analyzing and showing you parts of Anime that makes an Anime an Anime! Every topic from the technical aspects, core elements and even entire shows are collected there so make sure you check out and follow "Why anime?" collection for more posts about and around anime! :D
Please feel free to comment your thoughts on the topic or suggest one! :D
And if you want to leave a direct feedback, you're more than welcome to message me :)
And a like on this post would be very much appreciated :*
'till next time!
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That detail about natural light is really cool! My high school was built in really stupid ways. Most of the classrooms didn't have windows at all, we had some in the ceiling but only on the top floors obviously. We used to have to ask our friends if it was snowing or raining outside because we had no way of knowing half the time
@ShinigamiSan @VoidX i know xD i was just saying.
@kuroki @ShinigamiSan and I know for a fact that the profile pic you have (both of you), you have been seated at the Window Seat
@superjkob This is why I sat next to the window in our anime episode. 😋
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