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Over the next few days i thought about everything. Tae would text me everyday or send me a picture. Even though he was busy he woukd take time out if his schedule whatever that was to make sure to talk to me since we couldnt see each other in person. He gave me more confidence to tell him my feelings. I sat down on the couch and turned on the tv. I was waiting to watch a TV show that had different idols on weekly and this time it was the group BTS. I was going to see all the members and learn there names. I guess this was there first appearance on tv before there album is released tomorrow. I had a few minutes to kill so I decided to call tae. "Hey (y/n) what are you doing?" "Just watching tv you?" "I'm resting right now." "Oh cool. So listen I need to talk to you about something." "Are you ok?" He sounded concerned. "Yes I'm fine better than last week." I laughed remembering how horrible it was. "Ok what's up." "You know what we talked about last week?" "Yea." "Well I trust you enough to tell you my feelings." " how do you feel about me?" I became nervous. I think if I did this in person I would be stutterring like crazy. "I really like you. Like I never liked someone like this before...that's why I got scared because the ones I start to have any type of feelings for run before I even tell them how I feel. So after our talk, and the texts you have sent me you reassured me that you are not like the rest." "So you like me as a friend?" "NO Taetae... I... I am in love with you." I sat there waiting until he replied. 10 seconds went by.....20 seconds.......30 seconds now I was panicking. "Taehyung we gotta go" I heard in the back "(Y/n) I gotta go." He hung up. We'll there it was I laid my heart out there and all I get is silence and a hang up. I sat on the couch and stared at the tv. The show started. "We have some special guests here. Before there album drops tomorrow they are here for an interview. Its a group of 7 boys called Bangtan seonyondan or BTS." My phone buzzed in my hand. Taetae: What show are you watching? I sent him a text of the shows name. Taetae: ok good keep watching it. That was strange. Well at least I know that we're still friends. I looked back up to the screen as the boys were walking out. My mouth dropped. There was Tae and his friends. THEY were BTS!?!?! I turned up the volume and just sat still the whole time. They all introduced themselves. But some of there names were different. I met Suga as Yoongi, I met Rap Monster as Namjoon and I met J-hope as Hoseok and of course V was Taehyung. They had stage names that made sense but I learned that Jungkook spelled his name different from his real name but it was still the same. Jimin kept his name and Jin just took off part of his name. This was amazing. I was in awe as I learned about the guys. They were asked several questions. Then a question I was hoping wouldn't come up did. "Have any of you ever been confessed to?" Oh this was not good I would be able to see his reaction... They worked there way through and then it was Taes turn. "I've actually never been confessed to in person." "Really? How about notes or text?" "No none of that. I did get a confession over the phone though." "Oh and what did you say to the lucky lady." "Well nothing." "Oh man she's probably hurt." "No she knows she's going to be in my life." "Oh but you didn't tell her your answer." "Well to be honest it was right before we came out here. She called me and finally told me her feelings. I was in shock because I have been in love with her for awhile. I was scared she didn't like me back so I kept it in. But now she knows that..." He turned to the camera and it zoomed in. " I love her and she has made me the happiest guy in the world." He winked and I blushed. He just said it he loves me....and the whole world or at least country knows how he feels for me. "That's cute but how are you sure she knows now?" "Of course because she is watching this. I text her before we walked out to make sure." "Awww our little V" the group said then started pushing him playfully. Then they started asking other questions. I just couldn't help but smile. He loves me. He loves me back. He's not running away. He is sticking it out with me. I grabbed my pillow that was next to me and screamed into it. I was so happy. This feeling reminded me of when we first met and our first date. I watched the rest of the show. Finally it ended and I waited for Tae to call me or text me. After a half hour I finally decided to call him. There was no answer so I called Jin. "Hey Jin do you know if Tae has his phone on him?" "No he left it here. After the show once we got back to the dorm he shot out of the car and didn't look back. We don't know where he went." "Oh ok well when he gets back let him know I called." "Alrighty bye (y/n)" We hung up and I looked at my phone. Where would he run off to? As I was walking back to my room I heard a knock at the door. I wonder who that is? The knocking continued.
I hope you all enjoy it. Tell me what you think? who could possibly be at the door? :) It's a little short but next chapter will be longer.
ahhhh I'm screaming internally and externally!!!!! its fudorable!!!!!! 😍 πŸ™Œ 😭
Aish my heart 😁😁
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