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Can someone explain it to me?
just like the rest of social media you can post whatever you want. pictures, gifs, videos. It can be funny, sad, informative, ranty, just whatever you want. I'm guessing the only rule is that it has to deal with kpop or Korea, but I have seen posts about the posters personal life. When you make a card you can click the plus sign under it to add a new picture or video to that current card and you can click on that picture or video if you would like to add more pictures to that particular slot so whoever views your card can swipe right to see more pictures or scroll down to see if there are more slots or if you added a caption. I don't think you can save a card as a draft so I usually make sure I have all my pictures and videos in my gallery before I start my card since you can't leave your card to go find a picture off twitter or something. It's a pretty friendly community here, I've learned a lot more about kpop and Korea since getting this app. and I don't really care about stats and stuff but I did figure out your "ranking" amongst the other members is based on how many views your card gets and not on how many likes or clips you get. you can click on my comment and my tag name will appear in your comment box so if you have any questions it will notify me :) welcome to Vingle Kpop, hwaiting
you create a card expressing your admiration for something like art music movie books you pick the topic and people who share the same interest will comment and lime your card and introduce themselves. Hi I'm Luna