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So.. they were playing this chair game right. ..the last one without a sit will be loser. Mark got there first but Jackson pull the chair and sat on
lmaoooo! so Mark got like really mad.. look at him walking behind d look at the way he is looking at someone.. So I think Jackson noticed it and gave it to him.. like he doesn't want Bae to be mad at him. . that means not talking to him for a whole
So is just because we are friends..hahha.. look at Mark's face.. you better give it to me.. or your dead..Jackson well yeah I have something to tell Yugyeom..hahaa.
So is time for JB and Mark.. to compete because they were the last 2.. here is Jackson cheering Mark and he Got BamBam to cheer
So JB won.. and what he said he wanted was to eat with Mark.. look at the first picture.. that was Jackson reaction when he said he wanted to eat with Mark..l like What???! he didn't say that but was most like Hell no!!! So Mark move quick to JACKSON side..lolol and they hold eachother. .haha. this is too.much to watch..
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lmao they are just too cute. Lol Jackson knows better than to upset Bae
What episode was this?
@MaricelvaRomero don't remember but is season 3
@MaricelvaRomero I tag you in 2 cards check it out