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As for myself, one of my biggest regrets while I was trying to lose weight was trying to take a series of 'short cuts.' Before I lost weight the right way, I was dabbling in so many diet fads and tried to lose weight in a way that was totally unhealthy. Because of these things, my weight would fluctuate significantly. I'd lose weight, that's for sure, but when I tried eating normal again, I'd gain all my weight back.
But that's not something I totally dwell in. However, I do try to remind myself to have patience and just focus on being healthy and balanced.

What are your biggest fitness/health regrets, and what did you learn from them?

My biggest regret was not going through proper rehab when I dislocated my shoulder for the first time.....I also took a shortcut and had to pay the price when I dislocated it couple of more times after that and eventually had to get surgery last year :(
I'm not really one for regrets. But I do regret not going to the gym earlier, eating better and all that. I was talking to my primary care physician recently and she was shocked to learn that I had plastic surgery. Her assistant assumed I was in my 20s, just looking at me. When she learned I will be turning 39 this year, she was blown away. I say all that because I could have enjoyed this level of superficial beauty years ago. LOL
I have no regrets my life has made a complete turn around
@jordanhamilton I am going through the same struggle. I used to have insane energy and stamina. It seems a little off now. I think it just takes time.
Speaking of injuries @mchlyang, I am pleased to inform you that my time away from the gym gave my body time to heal. I went to the gym today and did chest. And my shoulder was PERFECTLY FINE. hehehe
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