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Payj POV:
“Well you can’t avoid me today Payj.” His voice purred in my ear and I stood frozen. There was no way I would be able to survive this day. Just seeing him every now and then at the company had been enough to send my poor heart into a frantic beating frenzy. How was I supposed to keep that wall intact when he was hanging on to me like this?
I tried to wiggle out of his arms but only succeeded in drawing JaeSuk’s attention. He looked at us both for a moment before smiling and turning back to announce the day’s games. I sighed and smiled at the camera. If I was to act strange and like this bothered me in any way possible the hawk like eyes of the fans would notice in moments. The last thing we needed was a scandal… but with how Kookie kept his arm around my shoulders the entire time I started to wonder if he was trying to start one on purpose.
My cheeks flushed like I was back at that day. Our episode of Running Man was finally airing and not only had I known that as soon as the episode was over I was going to want to crawl into a hole, but here I was being forced to relive the moment.
We had arrived at one of the missions and were to play the Pepero Game. I had been stuck with Kookie and things had gone too far. I thought back to the night…
The lid had been pulled off and I stared in shock at the pepero sticks on the platter. Instantly I was reminded of when Kookie kissed me and my face flushed. He wouldn’t try something like that on national TV there is no reason to worry. I repeated to myself over and over as we watched the other teams attempt the challenge. As our team came up I watched a pink cheeked Kookie place the cookie between his teeth and come towards me. I tried to take a deep breath to slow my heart but only failed as his face came towards mine. I bit the end of the cookie and he slowly started to bite the cookie coming closer to my face. I could feel his hands shaking as he placed them gently on my cheeks to hold me still. As we got to the end I had thought about biting off the cookie to stop him from getting any closer but he sensed my thoughts and before I knew it his lips were against mine.
My mind went blank. He was kissing me in front of all of these people… on TV. Whoops and hollers could be heard coming from the rest of the crowd. As he let go of my face and pulled away I stumbled back running into a laughing Hoseok. I vaguely remember JaeSuk and the Running Man crew expressing their shock and amazement over Kookies actions. They called him brave for deciding to confess his feelings over a game.
He only blushed and tried to deny it was anything but an accident. That had only been the first game and throughout the rest of the episode he went along to keep giving them reasons to think it wasn’t an accident. He would randomly grab my hand and pull me along with him as we ran, and when standing waiting for instructions he would put his hand around my shoulders, or place his hand on my lower back.
When I had to do a challenge with JaeSuk, he was caught by the camera giving a sour look in our direction. He had also been over protective in the name tag elimination game. Dragging me around and pulling me into small spaces to hide with him and then both of us attacking an un-expecting member. We had gone far but even both of us were no match for Jongkook. He basically held me back with one hand while he stole Kookie’s and my name tags with the other.
At the end of the show we stood with the rest of the members congratulating the winning group. I had hoped they wouldn’t mention it but I was not lucky enough. HaHa walked over and placed my hand in Kookie’s hand holding it over his head. “Don’t forget the new Running Man couple here!” I could feel my face heat up and I tried to turn away from the camera but that only made the guys laugh more. “Look she is all shy now.”
JaeSuk looked at the camera and asked the fans to understand our budding new love and support us which only caused Kookie to laugh.
I watched as the girls laughed at my expense. I knew my face was red even now. Boss Man had yelled at us when he had heard about what had happened during recording but said we would see how things went and decide a course of action after. I sighed. I needed to decide what I wanted to do. My phone rang and I looked down at the picture of Kookie smiling at me. “Hello?”
Jungkook POV
He knew she would be upset right about now, but he also knew it only took a moment after the kiss aired for the fans to start talking about it on SNS. He looked down at his phone hoping she would answer. There was no doubt he felt bad but he had, in a lack for better explanation, crumbled. He had been holding back and pretending that everything was ok and over the last month he kept his distance from her, but having her standing right there next to him he seemed to have lost all sense of what he should and shouldn’t do.
It hadn’t been until after they had finished recording and Namjoon tried to scold him for pulling such a stunt with a face that said he was yelling but really he wanted to cheer him on, that he realized just what situation he had put them both in. He stared at the phone hoping she wasn’t mad enough to ignore him.
His heart leapt. She wasn’t mad enough to completely ignore him. “Can we talk,” He paused and moved quietly out of the living room where the rest of the boys sat reading through the latest comments on our fan site, all of which were about him and Payj. “In person?”
She was silent for a few moments that seemed to stretch into an eternity for him but finally she agreed and simply told him to meet her on the roof.
He walked up to the roof and sat on the steps he would always occupy when he had a lot on his mind. Boss Man had told them they needed to decide if they wanted to announce their relationship to the public or if they were going to continue to pretend they didn’t know what he was talking about. Everyone in the building seemed to have picked up on his feelings. Where he was and what he wanted to do was out in the open. Payj on the other hand had everyone confused. Did she like him? Did she just see him as a little brother? There was no way to tell with her. He sighed and wondered again why girls were so difficult.
“Kookie,” His eyes shot up to see her standing there. She kept her distance and still refused to look up at him.
“Payj I’m sorry.” He stood up and walked closer to her. She still stared at the floor like whatever she saw there was more interesting than what he had to say. “I never should have done that.”
She shook her head and finally looked up at him a pathetic excuse for a smile on her face. “No I should have given you my answer sooner instead of ignoring you. I am sorry for stringing you along like this.” She paused and he got a bad feeling in his gut. She turned her back towards him and said in a quiet voice. “I don’t like you Kookie, leave me alone.”
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Noooo Payj!! Don't deny your feelings ! Brave Kookie is sexy! hehe!😙 Kissing her in front of the Running Man cast and cameras took guts! * high five* 😉
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