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So infinite has been my ultimate favorite group since I got into kpop 3 years ago now there have been a few groups that have tried to take #1 away from them, but no group has been able to steal my heart the way infinite does.
They can make me smile no matter what, but I'm sure you all are wondering why I am saying sorry. Well I have been trying to not admit it, but another group has stole my heart and quickly took infinite #1 spot after being my favorite for 3 years I didn't want to admit it. I feel like I betrayed them. They are still one of my favorites but instead of #1 they are #2. T.T I'm so sorry infinite!!!
I fought a very long time denying that Ikon had become my ultimate group, but one can only fight so long. I still have yet to fully admit it to myself. Ikon drives me insane with everything they do maybe that's how I knew they were my favorite. Like I can't get enough of them and that annoys me. I listen to all of their songs daily, and have for months now usually I can't listen to the same song all the time without getting tired of it.
B.i is an amazing leader his songs are simply addictive. His smile is super sweet I just cant.
June and Jinhwan are the main two of Ikon that kill me and just annoy me ( not in a bad way it's hard to explain.)
I don't even know how he did it but he has quickly wrecked every list I have ever put together and I still don't want to admit he is now my ub. I'm still in denial. June just annoys me and ugh! I just can't.
I ran out of the limit of pictures I can post so don't think I don't like the rest of ikon just as much. But to sum everything up Ikon is the only group who destroyed my list and became #1 I feel so bad about infinite I love them so much and I feel like I betrayed them, but I can't deny that Ikon stole my heart. I feel like such a bad person! T.T
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Don't worry, we all feel this way at open point or another. I've felt like I've dishonored EXO like 50 billion times now.
awe I feel bad I've neglected them too
infinites been my favorite for a long time to until I found bts but they are still one of my favorite groups
@DestineeLiu true I just didn't want to admit I had a new favorite. @SerenityThao so I'm not the only one but bts is pretty great too
i feel you first bts was no1...still is.. but infinite was my second group i found and became my 2nd fave and bigbang became my 3rd..then got7 slapped me in the face and took Infinites spot... i feel so bad.. i just cant seem to show the same love i used to..which i now show to got7..