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I loved it, There are so many suspenseful momments in this and the anime turns offtopic so much but all your questions will be answerd at the end, I know mine did. Here is a little about the anime to get you intrested since if youre like me you heard of this anime but never watched/Read it. This story is about a handful of people who get their phones turned into diaries that tell the future. If you kill all the other people or destroy theor diary you become god of time and space. We follow Yuno and Yukki along their adventure as Yukki is a cry baby and Yuno is madly inlove with him. So that will hopefully get you into it, It does have some parts where you see breasts so dont watch it with the Fam. Trust me its a horrible idea... I recommend watching it in Dub its a lot better in my opinion. Its a great watch in my opinion better then SAO by a long shot. 27 Episodes of pure blood and gore and it makes you want to watch it again and again. If you think its horrible just wait until the next episode, It gets worse but you cant stop watching it. Its a love storyixed with a murdering intent to become a god. Great anime, You should be watching. (Funamation pun right there, Watch it on "Gogoanime" and dont read the spoiling comments like i did)
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@AnasiaLaureano She actually isnt crazy. if you watch the end you realize why she did everytbing she did and how she could do it
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you meed to watch the ova after... it makes everything happy
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he'll yea
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Yukiteru and his constant crying. Got annoying really quick
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but it was a really good watch!
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