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I remember reading that the Deadpool movie was gonna come out today. that would have made today the best day I ever had...what a sad birthday it is now...
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@LAVONYORK @shannonl5 @kuzuri96 I was hoping for some mariachis to play a ma帽anita for me and to maybe close off the street and put up a brincolin while @inplainsight made kangaroo carne asada and @alywoah brings de chicas and the sofrito and @danidee and @TessStevens have a electric guitar vs electric violin battle of the bad badasses while @butterflyblu and @marshalledgar boogie down and @jordanhamilton and @AlloBaber bring the fruitcake and me and @LadyLuna take turns hitting the pi帽ata that looks like my primo Donald Trump and @MichaelOgg and @SamTheMallow draw everybody in awesome superhero poses 馃槅馃槅馃槅
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@MichaelOgg deal lmao @InPlainSight I haven't been in the video mood since my sister passed. I haven't been doing much of anything.
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thanx @LAVONYORK @kuzuri96 @shannonl5 y'all made me feel much better 馃榿 but this guy...yea you!! you, the one reading this!!!! I see youuuu....馃樁馃樁馃樁
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@buddyesd Dude, kangaroo carne asada? I'm so down.
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That sounds like a wicked Wolvie xD
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