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So I was reading this article on Koreaboo, and this happened.
Uh, Koreaboo, this is Suga not Jimin.
Once again Koreaboo has fucked up again.
But aside from that I believe that Sunggyu should have been listed as number one. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be a total jerk here. I mean he is my ultimate bias in Infinite. But come on, look at them eyes. I STILL LOVE HIM REGARDLESS THOUGH. He was made like that and there's nothing he can do about it. Well.. He can do something about it, but does he? No. And I thank him for that, because with out his squinty eyes I wouldn't be able to call him my little squinty even though hes like way older than me by like 9 years. @thePinkPrincess @MalihaAhmed @QueenLele @MayraYanez @TiffanyBibian @BreeMassey @JessicaFigueroa @jjrockstar @DanaMichelle @HayleyEastman @TLeahEdwards @kpopandkimchi @HalimaOsman @minimanim3 @justcallmekyki @DekaraMiller @Mightmuffin @igotswag @AlittleJoy @heidichiesa @MyaIsNotSexy @AshleyAndino @OliviaZenger @AuraKyoshiro @DeyaniraEstrada @ReynadeKpop @Starbell808 @rmchapa15 @cue2pal @ladygdragon @MiKim000 @Konnor @CreeTheOtaku @Roxy1903 @IGot7Forever @SugaOnTop @KatMejia @KennedyMoser @KarenGuerra93 @nekochanjessica @GeetanjaliRao @EliseB @KellyOConnor @Vixxstarlight1 @EmilyPeacock @sarahdarwish @Ercurrent @SashaLove @Moose1998 @juliavip @bbyitskatie @sarahdarwish @Elena166 @BelencitaGarcia @megancurrent9 @AshleyAndino @Katherina2078 @JasmineGregory @Princess2328 @terenailyn @KpopQueen1 @maddiedo @LaynicornLay @NydiaEdwards @koinii @maddiedo @21francoamberco @loljan17 @XergaB20 @ShellyVargas @TingTingShi @21francoamberco @anarose @yaya12 @NEOisRealo @Yongsongmi @Jinnyrod3
Oh Koreaboo get yo sh*t together you've been messing up lately v v
wow Korean boo are some really stupid people they mess up everytime!
@CreeTheOtaku and that job was to make False articles
this is why I don't even read their articles
you had one job koreaboo
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