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Now this hot hunk i will not give a full basic introduction. Because there is no way you don't know about him. The Co-CEO of AOMG and the former leader of 2pm...

Jay 'the Big Mac' Park!

not even gonna say shiz cause as a jaywalker and a hottest.... oh baby spam says it all. @BBXGD you better see this as a special treat.
like serious uow do you not knoe this man especially if your from seattle.
he's a king in my book...heck he be friends with everyone even members of Bigbang
and drop dead...ugh~ xD as well as adorkable
yes jay close that fridge... xD @MelissaGarza @victoria97 @MaeLyn @Nikkitty @drummergirl691 @jiyongixoxo @Helixx @BBXGD @marisamusic @LaurenDimalanta @PrettueeEmm @EliseB @tiffany1922 @Annaharris1989 My treat to everyone tagged and/or liked/clipped the past 6 cards of 2pm introduction.
@xroyalreisx i think ill do just that
@drummergirl691 yeah he has been for a few years now with simon dominic
I didn't know Jay Park was a CEO!
omgggg that body roll. *water I need water* girl I love this card. thank you babes 😍💖😘
@LaurenDimalanta if you want the full details you can easily google it. some jaywalkers bave posted full detail on that subject
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