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Wake up from the 90's people. I have the best "pick me up" cup of JAVA, so the price you pay for a Vente double shot Carmel latte; you can spend on these products and have two weeks worth Starbuck's like lattes. I PROMISE, YOU CAN PRAISE ME WITH "Likes" and "Shares" later.
Make way to the grocery store. Here are the list of items you'll need and I put a average price so you can get an idea: (I personally suggest retail items be brought from WalMart!!!!) 1). Maxwell house instant coffee. 120 ct tub, all you need @$3.99 2).Maxwell International House Vanilla Carmel Latte Mix, comes in a 4/8oz sm. tub @$2.99 3). Baileys Original Irish cream nonalcoholic liquid creamer @ $4.00. 4). So I'm not a fan of regular sugar, and I tend to use aspartame which is "Equal or the blue packet" of sugar. When it comes to sugar I just suggest you use enough to your liking but if you want to try Equal, for a 8 oz cup used about 8 packets if you like it sweet. Semi-sweet used 5 to 6 packets.
In all with the little shopping list above, I'm guessing you didn't go over $20.00 dollars. When compared to buying Starbucks in a weeks timing, a whole 5 days you saved an additional a week and Couple of bucks since these products will last you for two weeks... YAYYYYY, RIGHT!?!?. Preparation Time: I promise no barista needed and you will have no tips wanted. In a microwavable cup fill it with 8 ounces of water and sat in the microwave for 3 minutes. While your water is getting hot, get out your mug or cup,even a thermist and prepare your mixture for your vanilla caramel latte with a double shot. Open your Maxwell House instant coffee and take out a tablespoon, you want to use around 1 tablespoons and for a stronger blend a half of tablespoon. Next you want to open your International House Blend, this blend can be used as a coffee alone or it can be used as a creamer, in this case is going to be used as a flavoring and creamer. You want to use 4 teaspoons of the International house caramel vanilla latte Mix, and also keep in mind that it contains caffeine so the Maxwell House is caffeine and this is also caffeine so you will be getting a lot of caffeine and you can switch it out however you like so you won't be jumping off the wall if you just want a gentle sip. Once that's done you can add your sugar to your liking. Now add your baileys creamer, it'll make a pudding like starter, its worth it. Now 3 minutes should be up with the microwave ,with your water pull that out and begin to pour and stir the mixture together. This is the cool part, as you are pouring the water you will notice that the mixture starts to fizz and foam! and I enjoy that part the most because it gives you the look of a coffeehouse style latte, and even while you sir the foam still stays. Now there's nothing left to do but to sit back and enjoy your Starbucks like vanilla caramel latte done by yourself and even if someone was specific they would think you went and bought it. that's it for now.
Hope you enjoyed, and may 90'S expensive coffee drinking BE GONE!
@AlloBaber, Thanks for the suggestion, I'm about to hop right on it, and if you have any ideas with budgeting, I share my experience so its more personable than generalized. I have plenty of tricks to the trade. So by me being new to vingle I appreciate your do's & don't.
Oh no worries, I've been around the block on here lol so I've learned a lot of things through experience ;D your cards are seriously amazing, I can't wait to see what else you come up with!! Most newbies are not nearly as good with their card writing lol so I'm definitely impressed :D I'm following your collection for sure. Feel free to tag me anytime or hit me up if I can answer any questions for you!!
Awesome card!! Thanks for sharing your recipe with us! :D Did you know there's actually a Coffee community? I bet they would appreciate this there!! you should edit your card and publish it to there as well :) And you might want to take it out of fashion design and love & relationship since it's not really all that relevant to those interests... sometimes people report cards if they think they don't belong haha. But seriously, this is awesome and I really love money saving tips so keep 'em coming!!!