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Hi guys I posted a {TT} card earlier today about Slam Dunk and now I want to talk bout another anime that I debate is a sports anime because Go is a game full of strategy and technique. The manga was written at the end of the 1998 and ended in 2003 but I still think this an anime deserves a throwback X)
But first let me describe the game of Go! Go is an ancient Chinese game where two players manipulate their stones (black & white) to surround the opposing players pieces, and the one with most captured stones wins. Trust me. There are many diffent types of moves, strategies, and techniques behind how to skillfully play the game of Go!
The anime aired in Oct 2001-2003 with 75 ep. Studio Pierrot and TV Toyko did a fantastic job with the anime I think. Tetsuya Endo the anime director worked on My Neighbor Totoro and other cool works. Shun Nishizama and Jun Kamiya also directed some episodes as well.
This manga is written by Yumi Hotta and illustrated by Takeshi Obata! Some may now, Obata-senpai drew Death Note and Bakuman. And Hotta-senpai, she, received the 2000 Shogakukan Manga Award and the 2003 Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize for Hikaru no Go. They both form a wonderful duo!
Hikaru no Go is about a boy named Hikaru Shindo who goes up into the attic and finds a go board and pieces and starts to play. He finds out that an ancient soul, Fujiwara-no-Sai, was trapped in the board. Hikaru lets Sai shadow him and let him play go, Sai's one favorite passion! Hikaru later finds that he loves the game too and starts to play of his own will and strategies. They enter tournaments and meet new friends and rivals along the way! Like Kisei, Meijin, Honinbo, Judan, Tengen, Oza and Gosei
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One cool thing I discovered is that the creation of HNG was closely supervised by a Go master to insure it was accurate. I'd was a 5 Dan.
@InVinsybll @BobbieStinson thanks guys!!! (: but yeah I def wanna play the game!
nicely done on this Card! maybe I'll do one on Shogi soon...
This was such a fun one :D
Interesting Manga for sure! I'll check it out soon enough