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Highschool movies lie.

The whole, gonna go to college in a dramatic entrance dressed like a celebrity and fit as a fiddle? Going to college clubs and accidentally meeting a whole group of friends that you end up spending the rest of your life with? Or even drinking coffee in the morning and eating a happy breakfast to start a long day of studying?

Bruh. Sometimes I don't have time for any of that. I live in Miami. You're a hero if you can do any of these.

1. And by Miami, as in, hour long traffic so I have to wake up twice as early for class without coffee (because coffee damages my digestive system. TMI?) 2. Sticky humid weather so I can't wear a nice dress unless I want stinky pits and frizzy hair that's too short to put in a complete tie-up. 3. And where drivers have to be complete warriors to weave through the streets to get to class and find a parking spot; I see a car accident here and there. Secondly, I go to college in a tiny place in Hialeah, which means the college is made up of 2 conjoined buildings and that's it. So, if I want a quiet place to study or focus on my work or even drink something and chill, I cant. We're packed together like sardines in a crisp clean silver can. Thirdly, it took me a whole semester (3 months) to find out where people with my same interests have been hiding this whole time.

Studying music, art, and theater. Where am I? Studying physical therapy with people whose definition of fun is opposite of mine, involving parties and drinking.

So, now that you heard the rant I've been bottling up for months now,(I'm sorry! I love you all and I'm not trying to scare you away!), I can actually explain what I did learn and what I hope to achieve in the future. I'm still gonna provide hope for the other college babies out there that are as scared and out-of-place as I am!

Time management is key.

College is exhausting.

I thought I could study for one whole day and then have free time for the next 3 days. That was probably the worst decision I'd ever done and there's always more work. So instead of losing sleep over it and producing excessive amounts of stress, it's best to sit down with relaxing music and actually devote a couple hours a day to work. In that way, you can breathe, think about your needs, and still have a good amount of work done.

Eat well.

Your body is just as important as your brain is, in college. I try to eat cereal or just one yogurt every morning before class and the second I'm out, I'm scampering for food from starvation. Plus, it's extremely hard to focus on a lecture if your tongue is salivating at the thought of a sandwich. So, hopefully with @allobaber's amazing cards, I can figure out the best protein-filled breakfast meals I can eat and still have time to weave through traffic.

Keep in regular contact with friends.

I thought if I finished this homework or finish studying for that test, I could grasp time to see my friends. Then, I cancel, because I have to see a math tutor and devote 4 hours in a library to virtual classes and volunteer hour-searching. Being alone every day starts plaguing your mind and draining you of what motivates you to do so well in college. Talking every day with at least one person helps take away 20% or more of stress. My boyfriend has to hear me vent for hours about how angry I am about some driver littering and how my teacher is teaching too fast, but you know what? It's pretty damn satisfying.

Keep your spirits up with hobbies. And remember why you picked your career.

I can't remember the last time I sat down and read a book! And I'm a bookworm!

If I don't have time to do what I love, what's the point of living?!

When's the last time I painted or wrote in my journal about my day or danced to awesome music in a game? College made me forget about thinking farther than movies and homework. I want to do better. Do something you want to do every so often, because if you dont, at some point, you're gonna look up and ask, "how the hell did I get here?"
So, thank you Vinglers for making your cards and inspiring others and keeping everyone on their feet with a smile. It's people like you that remind others how to pay attention to their life's positives, not their life's negatives. I'm sorry I've been too busy to be regularly on Vingle, but I love you guys, and I hope you enjoyed my long-awaited card! @danidee @TessStevens @alywoah @LAVONYORK @nicolejb @allobaber @shannonl5 @marshalledgar @lizzeh @BeannachtOraibh & many others ♡
To make your day a little sunnier, my pusheens would love to say hi! I love them!
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@Luci546 Dude I'm literally so excited for that new movie!! haha maybe you need to find all the potter nerds at your school too and be friends with them
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb very good point! xD yes, I finally have tactics to make friends! thanks !
2 years ago·Reply
@Luci546 No problem!! If I could go back to college I would probably want to start a Harry Potter club. or I would've joined the quidditch team!
2 years ago·Reply
Ughhhh, you're taking virtual classes? I was always so bad at those! Is it just me or do I feel like they demand WAY more time than a regular class would?!
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb good idea! O: @danidee yeah xD it's easy tho, thankfully. and I'm getting a hang of wasting less time on it
2 years ago·Reply