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Hey guys, I have some time now and I wanted to share with you where I received all my knowledge and wisdom from. I was never really a book reader but from the first page I was caught onto this one. It's called The Third Circle Theory. It was written by Pejman Ghadimi. Pejman is the the founder and CEO of Secret Entourage. It's a website that helps people who want to start a business prosper and succeed and gives them the material and right path/knowledge to advance themselves and their business. Secret Entourage is full of videos, articles, and success stories from people who used the website and have succeeded. All of the resources on the website help you form the perfect business, they even start from the littlest thing which is the name of the business. It is pricey but for what it does, the price is worth it. The Third Circle Theory is a book that kind of makes you question about your life and changes you. I don't want to ruin it all because I want you to buy it and read it but from my experience, it has truly changed me for the better. I'm stilling posting another one of our life lessons tonight so stay in touch. If you guys have any suggestions of anything you would like to hear about please, please, please let me know. I want to really answer your guys' questions and recommendations. So feel free to comment or DM me. Have a good day guys, Kyler