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Parts: all found on card one

WARNING: Mature, gang related content

"My brother's been in a gang for that long? But he never seemed like that when we were growing up! He was a good kid with good grades! He was a lovable, caring brother."

"My brother was loving and caring too. But he still did bad things. Your brother never got caught because he was behind the scenes while Yongguk and Sungmin were on the front lines. Your family would never have found out."

"We were so blind." I could never imagine that my brother was so different than what I thought him to be.

"I never knew about the gang until I had already graduated. Even though he got in trouble almost constantly; I never had a clue. Believe me Seunghye, you're not blind. Nobody wants to believe something like that so we ignore any signs."

"I just don't get why young men would want to start a gang! Why would Himchan join?" My eyes are starting to get blurry as I try to blink back tears. "He had a normal family life and had no need."

Youngjae's voice lowers as he looks at the floor. "As someone who knew him and relates to him in one way, I can tell you what he needed. Himchan was incredibly intelligent, but he was bored. He needed something interesting; something to give him a thrill and make him feel alive. His mind was challenged here when he needed to think of strategies, plans of attack, who to make deals with, and who to try to run out of business. In this aspect I relate to him. What is different is that he lost track of many of his morals. He probably had some issues with knowing right from wrong in the first place, but being in charge of a gang, only blurred them further."

My eyes burn and tears fall. "What did those teenage boys need that badly that they had to have my brother!"

"I don't know Yongguk's reason, but my brother's was to take care of me. Our parents were dead and he had to start making money before we ran out of the small amount of savings they left us. He didn't have time to wait until he graduated to get a decent full-time job. He needed enough money to pay rent, buy food, and pay my school fees." His empty expression turns into a sad reminiscent one. "He wanted me to go to a better school than just a public school because he wanted me to be to live up to my full potential. He always said I had gotten all the smarts so I had better use the ones I stole from him." His lips curve into a sad smile. "He never even let me get a job to help pay for things because he wanted me to focus on my studies. He tried so hard and sacrificed so much."

"He should've found someone else. I'm sorry that you lived under those circumstances, but it gave him no right to corrupt my brother!"

Youngjae scoffs, looks at me and then out of nowhere he comes at me, putting me between him and the wall by the bed. He puts his hands on the wall so I can't move away. He starts yelling right in my face, "You're fucking brother did this to himself! He could have said no! He could have walked away, but he didn't! Like you said, he had no reason to but he made the fucking decision to join! My brother didn't corrupt him; your brother corrupted himself!" I've never had him yell at me. This is the most fear I've felt since being here.

"You have no idea all the fucked up things your brother did! My brother may have started this, but your brother took it to levels it never needed to reach!" Youngjae is even angrier than yesterday with Daehyun; his eyes are boring into me and his voice is only continuing to get harsher. "He's a fucking sociopath!" He slams his fist against the wall by my head. "You don't know him! He has no remorse for anything he does! He's never shaken by anything no matter the severity of the situation! He detests people and because of that he's incapable of loving anyone, even you; anything that ever gave you the impression that he cared, was an act! That fact alone should have told me this plan would never work; I was just desperate to get back at him!"

Tears are pouring down my face in a nearly constant stream and instead of sobbing, I'm whimpering in fear.

Youngjae’s expression suddenly drops. He immediately regrets everything he just said, or rather just screamed. "Seunghye, I'm sorry." He lets his arms down and moves back a little on the bed. "I shouldn't have yelled or said those things. Please forg-"

He attempts to gently touch me, but I flinch and move out of his reach.

His face resembles that of someone who just beat a puppy and now finds it cowering in the corner, shaking in fear of what could come next. It's a look of deep regret and disappointment in his own actions.

His eyes fill up with tears that slowly spill over, staining his cheeks. "Seunghye don't. Please don't do that." His voice is shaking and his eyes are searching for any signs of softness in mine. He touches my hand and I rip it away holding it tightly to my chest.

"Seunghye! Please don't do this to me, you can't! I need you! I care about you and I thought you cared about me!" He raises his voice but it's cracking and has no strength behind it, only desperation.

"I want Yongguk! Give me to Yongguk now!"

You can nearly pin point the exact moment Youngjae's heart broke by simply looking at his face. His head falls forward and his voice drops down to almost a whisper, "Is that really what you want? You don't trust me anym-"

"I want him! He doesn't scare me! He's gentle!"

He looks up at me and his eyes resemble that of the first moment I met him, like he's deciding what he can do to make me feel the most pain. His voice is emotionless as he speaks, "Fine, believe what you choose; stay ignorant and believe he's a gentle person. You have no idea what he's done, but if that's who you would prefer to be with, then so be it. I'll allow you to remain in denial and let you put yourself in that monster's care."

He gets up, walks over to the door and opens it. He snaps his fingers several times and Yongguk walks up. The moment I see him I can't stop my body from getting up and running to him. I throw my arms around him and cry into his chest. Unsure of what he should do he slowly, yet awkwardly pats my head.

"Get her the hell out of here. She's your problem until she realizes her mistake and begs to come back." He then proceeds to shove us both out of the doorway and slams it shut.


Yes Yongguk you get your girl lol jk but seriously I feel bad for Youngjae if he falls for her. and where is the brother at? Does he really not care????
well damn that escalated quickly.!! OMG. haha. her brother sounds like a real ass. *sorry for the cuss word. you're doing a wonderful job.!! take your time but I'm excited for the next part.!!
It's getting better and better with every new chapter. Love it!
Damn..... just damn
That escalated quickly...
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