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How To: Change The Communities Your Card Is In

Why be like Thor when you can be a VINGLE MASTER!

I've gotten a few questions about how to change which communities your card is shared to after you've published it, so I thought I'd make a guide to help explain! It's actually a pretty easy process. Good news :D

1. Edit your card

So you published a card, but you meant to share it to a different community. Not a problem! Click on your card. At the top right corner there is a little gear button (just follow the cupcake). Don't delete your card! Just hit 'edit'.

2. Need to make any changes?

This should be familiar- it's exactly what your card looks like unpublished. If you want to fix any typos you can do that, but if all you need to do is change which communities your card is shared to just hit 'done'.

3. Change your communities!

Maybe you typed in 'Fairy Tale' when you meant 'Fairy Tail'. Just click the x next to the wrong community to remove it. Or you forgot that a card about Marvel show would also be welcome in the US TV series community. Just type in the correct community, or select it from the drop down menu if it's a community you've joined. Once you're done hit save!

You've got this Vinglers!

Remember that communities aren't like tags (so you wouldn't share this card in the photography community just because it has pictures in it). Check out this card if you're curious about where the community boundaries are. Use the communities to find the people that want to talk to you about what you're sharing! We're here and we really want to hang out with you ^_^
What @arnelli said sounds good. Thx:)
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