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I don't think there's any friendship greater and more sincere than the one ppl share with their dogs. Today my baby pug fell from the roof of the house while chasing a stupid evil cat but thank god he was not hurt much. I was scared to death, seeing him bleeding. I kept crying like a child until we brought him to the vet who said it was not as serious and that he'll be fine soon. I swear i would have died if something had happened to him. I'm just waiting impatiently for tomorrow so that i can throw a pail of water at that evil cat as revenge! I hate cats now!
AWWW poor puppy!! I can't tell you how much animal friends mean to me. I hope your pug feels better.
I had a similar attachment to my hamster. Bijoux has passed on and I'm still sad (12 years gone). I'm so glad your dog will be ok.
I hope your dogs ok. I would have done the same thing if that happen to my dog. i hate cats.
how am I just reading this???? what a miracle that he wasn't badly injured
@AlloBaber @nicolejb aww thanks that's so nice of u guys!❤💋
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