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Just recently a petition was made on for an official Selena Barbie doll to be made by Mattel. I am not quite sure if a petition is most effective way of getting that Barbie doll, but I am sure it will definitely catch Mattel's attention.
The petition was started by Remy Ocampo on January 30th and the goal is to reach 2,500 signatures. As of today, it is about 300 signatures short.
Also it is worth mentioning that yes, there are currently Selena Quintanilla dolls out on the market. However, Mattel has yet to create an official Selena doll. Boo! Mattel, get with it!

I hope Mattel does come out with a Selena Barbie doll because I will DEFINITELY buy it!

We want a #SelenaQuintanillaBarbie NOW!
Make sure check out the Latino Culture community! ^^
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yup they did. i was a huge fan as a child and my mom really wanted me to play with dolls so she bough me the selena barbie doll
2 years ago·Reply
same dress but more detailed face
2 years ago·Reply
I heard about this. If they do come out with one they betta do it right! I was a huge fan of Selena growing up and remembered when she passed we went nuts! Ah the music and fashion industry would be so different if she was still here with us. #teamselena #wemissu
2 years ago·Reply
@LindaGuandique yes there has been dolls of her already!! People are asking for a Selena doll to be made by Mattel for the original Barbie doll. ^^
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i never seen a selena doll but anyways if mattel do make one it should be done right yes i agree with the one comment left earlier was and still a fan of selena n selenas music i do too think fashion n musik couldve ben different if she was still alive as well :)
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