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I've been reading a lot of cards and comments on Vingle where the single ladies are celebrating their singleness, celebrating themselves, and loving every minute of it! Awesome! It's refreshing to hear how the ladies are taking ownership of their relationship status and taking time to invest in themselves.
@Allobaber mentioned "Galentine's Day" and I love it because that sort of signifies what Valentines Day can be when you're single--celebrate it with your best girl friends! Which is what brings me to this stunning haute couture Zuhair Murad gown. Yes, it's RED! But it features the must stunning satin cage bustier, that's sewn into the dress. Notice all the delicate hand embroidery too. Those flowers! WOW!
If you need something gorgeous to wear this Cupid Season, whether you're single or not, this Zuhair Murad number is all you need to feel dynamite! All eyes will be on you!

Would you wear this statement dress?!

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It's gorgeous but too showy for me. It looks great on the model though
glad you love it nonetheless @peahyr
Definitely yes, love the color and style.
It's so gorgeous especially the bustier but i would prefer having another fabric and style for the lower part! I think i'm gonna have a stylist recreate this dress for me for my cousin's wedding!
hellz yeah. I have no where to wear it, but with enough champagne, my living room will do just fine