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V-Day Rubies
While diamonds may be a girl's best friend, would you honestly say no to these magnificent rubies?! These come from the famed jewel house, Yanush Gioielli.
Yanush has been draping and hanging the most luxurious jewelry in the world on the bodies of celebrities, politicians and the filthy rich!
What could be more dazzling that receiving a gift, such as a ruby necklace, on Valentine's Day?!
I think I would collapse from the occasion!
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Rubies are lovely! I would not mind at all!
2 years ago·Reply
Those are so beautiful! Rubies are absolutely stunning when the light hits them just right
2 years ago·Reply
the trick is to find a zillionaire who will shower you with enough rubies yiu can take a bath in.
2 years ago·Reply
They're aren't enough Ruby and Emerald jewelry.
2 years ago·Reply