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Can this quote not be more true?
It's so simple, yet when followed for its wisdom, there's no telling how big, bright and beautiful your relationship could be. This one pertains to marriage, but start and stop there? I think this is true of all relationships, regardless of marriage status. Some couples choose not to marry at all. And, for years, gay couples didn't even have a chance at marriage.
All I'm saying is, spend your time developing your relationship. No matter how far along, how deep, etc., take time to build it. Just because you're married one day, doesn't mean you know all there is to know about your spouse. Bring back the dating days of frenzied love and lust. And don't do it because it's Valentine's Day (coming up). Do it year-round and because you genuinely love this person!
Okay, that's all. I'm done soapboxing! hahaha
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So true @MeenakshiSundar I'd love to see thriving marriages be the majority, rather than a rarity.
Marriage is work....been married to my husband over 20 yrs now.
@JaxomB no kidding. marriage and commitment to that marriage are also a choice. sometimes love is a choice. I really think (except for when abuse is involved and etc.l)part of the high divorce rate is too many going by feelings. marriage is really hard work and your not always going feel like you even like each other some days but you choose to stick it out.