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Yes Yes and Yes
Sill loving this song Sentimental. I love their voices so much! Taehyun in a choker = me dead.
This song is still stuck in my head. They suited up for Baby Baby. Also they need to stop with that one part of the choreography when Taehyun sings baby baby. Also his blond hair I like it to much.
This one didn't have a video to it and I'm glad I got to watch it instead of just listening to it. They're acting a fool with their song Immature. Again Taehyun in a choker and now coupled with a leather jacket on top of his blond hair = me making this post from my grave
I seriously jam out to Baby Baby all the time while driving to my work I just can't get enough of it and Its stuck in my head!
@SusiBosshammer I feel you completely. I listen to it whenever I can and sing a bit of it
I love this so much!!!