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Red. It's everywhere you look nowadays. And pink too, for that matter. That's because V-Day has taken over in a fire storm.
To avoid the plastic vibe of the holiday, yet without losing the rustic romance of love, here's a dazzling wedding cake that does just that. And though it's been determined that this is going to be a quick Winter, it's still not over yet--not till March 21st.
The trick to using red in your wedding cake design (and keeping it chic) is to use non-cake elements to bring in that color. In this case, rose petals (made of sugar) decorate the bottom tier and fruits like apples and pomegranates inject the scene with rich and tawny reds--vibrant and rustic. And don't forget the swag of florals, leaves and vinery. That plays a role too.
What's your wedding cake going to be like? Have you already designed it?
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Oooooooooooo gorgeous !