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So during the Manila part of their leg Kai and Xiumin were injured and so both of them sat on chairs throughout the concert. And some of the fans had said that D.O. was always besides Kai helping him ♡ I think this is the most Kaisoo moments I ever seen in one concert.
D.O. waiting for Kai and helping him walk
Getting him a bottle of water
Although they couldn't do their famous 3.6.5 dance D.O. went and stood next to Kai
D.O. always stood by Kai so he wouldn't feel left out #friendshipgoals #kaisoogoals
On the other hand you have Chanyeol and Xiumin #adorabledorks cr. to owners
It should say #kaisoogaols
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The Chanyeol and Xiumin gif was so cute😂😂
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