I finally figured out what I wanted to say about Jungkook. The other cards are RM Jin & Hope. I only have Jimin V & Suga left to do. Ok, Noona is mad! You wanna know why? Well I tell you! I am tried of this beautiful human being (Jungkook) calling himself ugly! There's these clips going around where he says stuff like "Why am I so ugly" or "I look ugly" or "My face is ugly". Do you know you look more like a girl then me, especially with make-up. I can't where make-up, it'll brake my skin out!.................. With or without make-up, Jungkook looks like a FKing angle, & I can't stand it when he or any other BTS member calls themselves ugly. No member of BTS is ugly! Not a single one! So stop calling yourself ugly, ok Kookie? Because ARMY loves you just the way you are & we wouldn't change you for the world ok? Ok! Next thing! Take care of your voice & get sleep & eat, please? I want all of Bangtan to be happy & healthy! And another thing! Stop growing, I'm two years older then you! you're not suppose to be taller then me! *Fake Cries* μ‚¬λž‘ν•΄μš”! ~~(^ O ^)~~
if he is ugly then im trash lol
lol I know how you feel. I'm 5 years older then Kookie and u hate when he says he is ugly.
Ikr jungkook stop growing and let me catch up too you ......btw I'm 3 years younger than him 😭
welll...........everyone has their own opinion about themselves we ALL know that none of them are ugly obvi but ....the opinions πŸ˜₯😫
if so right none of them r ugly
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