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"Honey, I'm sorry I have to take that job across the country."

"Yikes," you think. But then you remember that you live in the 21st century, full of helpful communication tools and technology. YOU GOT THIS!
Being in a Long Distance Relationships are really tough, but using technology can help keep things fun and creative with your communications tools. Here are some that I LOVE <3

1. Couple

This app is pretty self-explanatory (I mean the name says it all!). It's essentially a sharing app for you and your partner. It's a clean way to share messages, video, images, and also real-time drawings.

2. Showgoers

This isn't technically an app, but it's amazing. Want to have a movie date with your partner, but are having a hard time figuring out when and how to watch something at the same time? This app is a chrome extension that helps you both hit PLAY at the same time. Movie dates in the modern world people!

3. DreamDays

I've come across a variety of "day counting apps" but this one has to be my favorite! Not only does it count down the days until something, but you can organize it too! Plus it's just really pretty and well-made, so you can count down the days until you see your partner in style.

4. Companion

Ever worry about your partner and their late night commute? Or just would appreciate that your partner is watching over you. This app allows you to be your partners (or anyone really) "companion" as you watch them get safely to their destination. And is awesome. Thanks @LizArnone for that heads-up.

5. Simply Us

Share your calendar, todo list, and others notes with your partner so they know what's on your plate. This one could be particularly helpful surprise dates, because you will know exactly when their schedule is less messy!
You can also use these with Long-Distance Family and friends. In additions to some of these apps, my family likes to use WhatsApp and Snapchat to keep each other reminded of our love.

Are you using any of these apps in your LDR? What tech do you use to keep in contact?

Showgoers looks perfect! Especially if Pulp Fiction is on the screen! I should get these, for me and my cat, Miss.Tuffsey, she enjoys Tarantino movies as well!
Well, sadly, I have to have a girlfriend first to have a long distance relationship lol! 😂😟
@nicolejb Aw I would love to try them, seem like my relationship is falling close to an end.
@nicolejb Okay, that's nice to know 😂 thank you!
The companion one is kinda stalkerish
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