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That moment he or she gives you this candy heart with a message that reads, "I deleted Tinder."
Despite the fact that the candied heart is misshapen, chipped, course in spots and oddly shaped, you can rest at night knowing that that special man or woman in your life is TOTALLY COMPLETELY INTO YOU. And we know this because the went through the trouble of deleting their Tinder account.
I want to find a candy heart that says, "My Craigslist days are over." hahaha
If your bae gave you this candy heart on V-Day, WHAT WOULD YOU THINK?
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I think since I was a teenager, I've always just been too focused on becoming really successful in my career, so once a guy complained about not seeing me enough because I was in school or how they really hate how I seem to always be working, I'd get super turned off lol. It's really, really bad because I've realized if you want a relationship to work, you need to be a little less selfish. I just don't think I'm there yet.
if I had gotten that, tbh, id delete my tinder as well. xD .... not like ive ides it long or anything anyways. I legit got it 2 days ago
those things taste like dye
Dood @BiancaMason yer comment almost made me spit my coffee out XD hahahahahaha! I feel you @danidee <3
@danidee i know what you mean. ive had a few relationships end cause i work alot, I've always had to work alot cause i help family and if i have a gf i need to treat her out sometimes too so i work longer shifts.