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Listen up! So in the following week there lies a day we all either toss aside, cry over, dread, or partake in with LOTS OF LOVE. I know all to well, when Valentines Day approaches we want to go all out, or THROW OUT. You might have the perfect idea and great intention to buy the significant other a new shiny watch, tennis bracelet, or expensive gift to show how much you love them. Just the fact of how much they deal with your crazy ass, or put up with you and the kids should be enough of a gift to give you, which leaves space for you in return to give a Happy Valentine's day gesture! Here are two, inexpensive ideas and quit clever, and down right a gesture just to say you celebrate the calander day positively!
THE DOLLAR TREE, Not any old dollar store, it must be the Dollar Tree franchise, where literally everything is $1! They have a whole section guest it, Valentines day. everything from chocolate, gift bags, tissue paper, wine glasses or mugs, stuffed animals, artificial flowers, cute little novelties like socks ,underwear ,bracelets. With that a cute bag can be assembled and given to any gender, any age, any title and won't hurt your pockets. GREAT IDEA RIGHT, kinda a "Duh idea", but you'll be shocked how many ppl never stepped foot in a Dollar Tree store. Secondly, before you go to Jared or K-Jewlers, check out a Pawn shop. There you can bargain and negotiate a price for a real and authentic piece of jewelry. These shops are trying to sell and get rid of the abundance of jewelry they have from pawns and sold pieces. They carry whatever, however for whatever. And get this, you can even trade! So get to your nearest and well reviewed shop. Thirdly, I like to Thank Coca Cola for their 1950's advertising. "Share a Card and a Coke"!!!! Get a greeting card, filled with emotion, add your own set of love and appreciation. Buy a vintage bottle of coke cola, to hints the Card and a coke deal! Or now they have names or hobbies, go online or retail stores to find. I bet this will put a smile on your significant others FACE. FROM EAR TO EAR. LOL So with these ideas I hope will save you some loot, fill your heart with joy instead of conviction. And have a "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY". From me to you, enjoy!
@tbell2, you got it! so everyone feels important.
Dollar Tree is the Best store in the world. Its a great store for when you need a place to shop for gifts of any holiday/celebration!!! (:
Awesome! Great tips :) I'm gonna clip this into my Valentine's Day collection!!